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Dennis Wages, DVM

Dennis Wages

BS: Poultry Science, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, 1974
DVM: Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, 1978
Residency Pathology, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, 1981-82

Telephone: 919.513.6282
Fax : 919.513.6802

Research Area

I am currently Director of Teaching Animal Unit (TAU) at the Veterinary College. I also participate in the teaching of the poultry and beef labs at the TAU. The teaching animal unit provides live animal laboratories in all common food animal species and horses. My interests include antimicrobial resistance, antibiotic intervention strategies; and preventative disease programs in food animals primarily beef and poultry. The current regulatory environment for clearance of new animal antimicrobials in food animals necessitates judicious use of antimicrobials and an emphasis on preventative disease management. The importance of utilizing our limited antimicrobial arsenal in an effective manner is an important component of modern food animal production.