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David H. Ley, DVM, PhD


Poultry Health Management

Office: C-333, CVM Main Building
Phone: 919.513.6269
Fax: 919.513.6464

Mycoplasma Diagnostic and Research Laboratory (MDRL)

Course Involvement

  • VMB 913: Veterinary Physiology I: Avian Reproduction
  • VMP 956: Health Maintenance and Animal Production III-Poultry
  • VMP 964: Swine and Avian Medicine

Graduate Courses

  • SVM 602: Seminar/Rounds-Poultry Health Management
  • SVM 650A: Internship-Poultry Health Management
  • SVM 685A: Supervised Teaching-Poultry Health Management Field Investigations
  • SVM 686A: Other Teaching-Poultry Health Management
  • SVM 693A: Supervised Research-Poultry Health Management

Undergraduate Courses

  • VMP 401: Poultry Medicine


Areas of Research/Study

Mycoplasma species are important respiratory tract and systemic pathogens of commercial poultry causing substantial economic losses worldwide due to increased mortality, downgrading and condemnations of carcasses, reduced egg production and hatchability, and decreased feed efficiency. Strategies to reduce the adverse impact of mycoplasmosis in commercial poultry include

  1. surveillance, control, and eradication programs
  2. use of antimicrobials, and
  3. vaccination.

Research in my laboratory is focused on improving the health of commercial poultry by developing new knowledge that will contribute to the elimination or reduction of losses due to mycoplasmosis. Specific objectives are to 1) develop and evaluate rapid diagnostic capabilities for the identification of Mycoplasma species and strains causing diseases, 2) to delineate the epidemiology of avian mycoplasmosis by developing and using strain-specific molecular markers and gene sequencing, and 3) to study the dynamics of Mycoplasma gallisepticum conjunctivitis in songbirds from emergence to endemicity.

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