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Dr. Takumu (Tak) Niino

Dr. Tak Niino

Resident 2012-14, Poultry Health Management
Master of Specialized Veterinary Medicine (MSpVM) 2012-14

Phone: 919.513.6299
Fax: 919.513.6464
Curriculum Vitae (CV)


Personal Statement

My interest in food animals – particularly poultry - started in high school when my family relocated to Thailand. Thailand, along with other surrounding countries in its region, depends on poultry and poultry products as an affordable and irreplaceable source of dietary protein. During the avian influenza outbreak in Thailand, which led to tremendous economic losses and trade bans, I witnessed the significance of poultry meat as an irreplaceable food source in Southeast Asia due to availability and constraints within certain religious groups. With my father working for the Food and Animal Organization during the AI outbreak, I began to develop an interest in veterinary epidemiology as it pertains to infectious poultry diseases. Having set a career objective, I spent part of my undergraduate and veterinary school career working and interning at commercial poultry companies, intergovernmental organizations, and various poultry research and diagnostic laboratories.

As part of my senior externship, I had the opportunity to partake in the NCSU senior poultry rotation. During my visit, I was immediately attracted to the Poultry Health Management residency training because it implemented an applied, hands-on teaching model, working closely with highly renowned faculty members. I decided to come to NCSU with hopes of working closely with members of the poultry industry, as well as the increasing number of backyard flock owners, to improve the health and welfare of poultry in North Carolina. The health and management condition of these flocks directly correlates with the production of a safe end-product.