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Poultry Health Management logo eggs in racks Dr. Martin & students histopathology section of turkey spinal column
chicks in house on litter immunofluorescent antibody test student hands holding chick microscopic view of avian blood smear - stained

Outreach (Clinical Service, Extension & Engagement)

Outreach includes: providing clinical services to clients, industry, and government through problem solving and consultation; offering continuing education programs for poultry health professionals; ongoing expansion of a poultry education resource center based on a multimedia digital library for development of distance learning and teaching support.

Avian Health Services and Research Laboratory


Backyard Poultry, Urban and Garden Chickens

Biosecurity, Emergency Preparedness, Avian Influenza

So You Want to Help Save the World from Bird Flu?

Powerpoint presentation (converted to Adobe Acrobat pfd) by David H. Ley

Respiratory Diseases of Chickens

Informational poster sponsored by Fort Dodge Animal Health

Poult Enteritis and Mortality Syndrome (PEMS)

Turkey Coronavirus Proceedings

West Nile Virus

House Finch Disease Survey

Web Links - Internet Resources