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Poultry Health Management logo eggs in racks Dr. Martin & students histopathology section of turkey spinal column
chicks in house on litter immunofluorescent antibody test student hands holding chick microscopic view of avian blood smear - stained


The Poultry Health Management faculty is committed to the teaching and support of students. This is provided through a focus program for current and future DVM students interested in all aspects of poultry medicine. There is also a unique opportunity for post-veterinary professional development in a combined Residency in Poultry Health Management and Master of Specialized Veterinary Medicine.

We provide undergraduate, veterinary, and postgraduate instruction in poultry health. Our educational program is based on traditional foundations of poultry medicine (pathology, microbiology, medicine, and production) and on allied disciplines (communications, economics, biotechnology, epidemiology, information management, and systemic analysis).