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Heather Shive, DVM, PhD

ShiveVeterinary Anatomic Pathology
Assistant Professor

Office: 248, CVM Research Building
Phone: (919) 513-6296
Fax:(919) 513-6464




Cancer is a genetic disease, initiated and driven by mutations in genes that disrupt normal cell functions and promote tumor initiation and progression. Cancers develop a broad spectrum of genetic disruptions, and it is often difficult to identify changes that contribute to tumor development. The zebrafish model (Danio rerio) is a powerful tool for analyzing genetic contributors to cancer risk: zebrafish exhibit conserved genetic susceptibility to cancer, are highly amenable to genetic manipulation, and can be analyzed in large numbers. The long-term goal of my research program is to investigate genetic mediators of carcinogenesis with the zebrafish model. This research will additionally incorporate environmental and toxicologic factors that may act in synergy with genetic factors to influence cancer risk.

Honors and Awards

Selected Publications