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Laboratory Name

Faculty Member

Lab Supervisor / Coordinator

Aquatic Epidemiology and Conservation Laboratory Dr. Jay Levine Field Coordinator:
Chris Eads 
(919) 513-6655

Laboratory supervisor:
(919) 513-6302

Safety coordinator:
(919) 513-6368
Mycoplasma Diagnostic and Research Laboratory (MDRL) Dr. David Ley

Sile Huyan

Dr. Judith McLaren

Ph: (919) 513-6249
B-104 (Teaching Laboratory) Dr. James Flowers
Borst Laboratory Dr. Luke Borst Mitsu Suyemoto
Ph: (919) 513-0720
Center for Chemical Toxicology Research and Pharmacokinetics (CCTRP) Dr. Ronald Baynes

Jim Brooks
Ph:(919) 513-6418
Clinical Immunology Laboratory Dr. Jonathan Fogle Linda English
Ph: (919) 513-6363
Clinical Pathology Laboratory Dr. Carol Grindem & Dr. Jennifer Neel Cherri Eller
Ph: (919) 513-6553
Clinical Virology Laboratory Dr. James Guy

Leah M. Scarborough

Melissa West
Ph:(919) 513-6564

Cullen Lab Dr. John Cullen Sashi Gadi
Ph: (919) 513-7721
Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Laboratory Dr. Jonathan Fogle Sarah Schuett
Ph:(919) 513-6443
Gnotobiotic Animal Core of the Center for Gastrointestinal Biology and Disease Dr. Susan Tonkonogy

Laboratory supervisor:

Ashley Weaver

Ph: (919) 513-6561

Hammerberg Lab Dr. Bruce Hammerberg  
Histology Laboratory Dr. John Cullen

Histology lab manager and UVIS Labs Manager:

Sandra Horton
Ph: (919) 513-6389 

Administrative Support:

Barry Christmas  
Ph: (919) 513-6390

Laura Shewmon
Bly Casbarro
Nathan Whitehurst
Ph: (919) 513-6390

Law Lab Dr. Mac Law

Sashi Gadi

PH: (919) 515-7395

Micrology & Immunology Lab Dr. Fred Fuller
Ph: (919) 515-7398

Ph: (919) 515-8112

Orndorff Lab Dr. Paul Orndorff
Patty Spears
Ph:(919) 513-0720
Parasitology  Lab Dr. Mike Levy

Kay Gore

Ph: (919) 513-8290

Poultry Health Services Laboratory (PHSL) Dr. Michael Martin Ph: (919) 513-6574
Poultry Tumor Diseases Laboratory (PTDL) Dr. Isabel Gimeno Lucia  Cortes
Ph: (919) 513-6333
Ruminant Mastitis Lab Dr. Kevin Anderson Roberta Lyman
Ph: (919) 513-6320
Swine Health and Production Medicine Dr. Glen Almond

Patty Routh

Ph: (919) 513-6331

Thakur Molecular Epidemiology Lab Dr. Sid Thakur

Amanda Armstrong

Ph: (919) 513-7001

Tonkonogy Lab Dr. Susan Tonkonogy
Ph: (919) 513-6359
Vector Borne Disease Lab Principle Investigators
Mike Levy,
Ed Breitschwerdt (DOCs)
Adam Birkenheuer (DOCs)

Ph: (919) 513-8279