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TAU Contact Information

Dr. Barrett Slenning
TAU Educational Coordinator
Phone: 919-513-6324
Diane Ferello
TAU Livestock and Poultry Director
Phone: 919-513-6241

More Information

TAU Personnel and Primary Species Focus

  • Diane Ferello- Director, TAU Livestock and Poultry
  • Amber Butler- Equine Unit
  • Jennifer Champion- Small Ruminant Unit
  • Crystal Davenport- Poultry Unit
  • Pete Fricke- Dairy Unit
  • James Lucas- Swine Unit

Teaching Animal Unit

General Information about the College of Veterinary Medicine

The North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine was established in 1978, admitted its first class of DVM students in August 1981, dedicated its main facility in April 1983, and graduated its first class of veterinarians in May 1985.

The college has approximately 300 DVM students, 75 graduate students and 55 interns and residents, and provides on-site continuing education and outreach programs for more than 4,000 clients annually. The faculty routinely participate in continuing education and outreach programs throughout North Carolina, across North America and around the world.

Located on a 180-acre campus in west Raleigh, the facilities comprise more than 20 buildings at its main site, 8 buildings at other sites and 2 leased buildings. Facilities at the College are used for instruction, research, clinical service and outreach, and its Laboratory Animal Resource unit maintains more than 25 vertebrate and invertebrate species for these purposes.

The College of Veterinary Medicine was recently ranked as one of the top four colleges of veterinary medicine in the nation. The House Officer specialty training program and research funding rank among the top 5 schools, and its faculty student ratio is near the top.

General information about the Teaching Animal Unit

The TAU is located just east of the CVM on approximately 80 of the 180 acres.It is operated by a dedicated staff working under Dr. Wages' overall supervision. The staff and PHP Residents are actively involved in training the veterinary students who participate in laboratory training during Years 1-3 of the professional curriculum. The TAU is a dynamic teaching lab for veterinary students to learn husbandry, production management, and routine procedures used in livestock production. They are able to observe and work with normal animals in a real farm setting.

The TAU is consistently one of the most popular activities the veterinary students engage in at NCSU. They have regularly scheduled labs during Years 1-3, and make visits as part of their senior rotations during Year 4.