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TAU Contact Information

Dr.Dennis Wages
Phone: 919.513.6282
Diane Ferello
TAU Facilities Manager
Phone: (919)513-6241

More Information


Equine Unit Contact

Koren Kartes
TAU Equine Unit Manager

Teaching Animal Unit

Equine Unit

The TAU Equine Unit consist of 4-6 broadmares, 15 teaching horses, 1 stallion and a gelding that is used for an Anatomy class (students use him to identify the bone and muscle structures of the horse). It is the students responsibilities to foal out the broadmares,imprint and halter train the foals. Once the foals are weaned they are sold under a sealed bid.

The veterinary students learn various; techniques while studying here at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Some techniques that are taught are: handling and restraint, blood collection,injection sites,nasalgastric tubing, physical and soundness exams,breeding, dentistry and others.

TEX is used for Anatomy Labs

Casey : TAU Broadmare