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TAU Contact Information

Dr. Barrett Slenning
TAU Educational Coordinator
Phone: 919-513-6324
Diane Ferello
TAU Livestock and Poultry Director
Phone: 919-513-6241

More Information

TAU Personnel and Primary Species Focus

  • Diane Ferello- Director, TAU Livestock and Poultry
  • Amber Butler- Equine Unit
  • Jennifer Champion- Small Ruminant Unit
  • Crystal Davenport- Poultry Unit
  • Pete Fricke- Dairy Unit
  • James Lucas- Swine Unit

Small Ruminant Unit Contact

Jenn Champion
TAU Small Ruminant Unit Manager

Teaching Animal Unit

Small Ruminant Unit

The TAU small ruminant unit consist of approximately 20-22 katahdin sheep and 20 boar goats. Both of the small ruminant are bred in September-October and the lamb and kid in February-March.

The veterinary students learn various techniques while studying here at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Some techniques that are taught are: handling and restraints, blood collections,injection sites, hoof trimming, nutrition, breeding and dystocias and others.