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TAU Contact Information

Dr. Barrett Slenning
TAU Educational Coordinator
Phone: 919-513-6324
Diane Ferello
TAU Livestock and Poultry Director
Phone: 919-513-6241

More Information

TAU Personnel and Primary Species Focus

  • Diane Ferello- Director, TAU Livestock and Poultry
  • Amber Butler- Equine Unit
  • Jennifer Champion- Small Ruminant Unit
  • Crystal Davenport- Poultry Unit
  • Pete Fricke- Dairy Unit
  • James Lucas- Swine Unit

Swine Unit Contact

James Lucas
TAU Swine Unit Manager

Teaching Animal Unit

Swine Unit

The TAU Swine Unit consist of a gestation barn, which houses 25-34 sows and several boars used for breeding, a farrowing house, which can house up to 7 sows for farrowing, a nursery barn, which contains 6 pens and a finisher barn that has 3 individual rooms that contain 4 pens in each.

Swine gestation is 3 months,3 weeks and 3 days. Once the sows farrow the piglets are given injectable vitamins and antibiotics and processed. When the piglets age to 3-4 weeks, they are moved into the nursery. 4-5 weeks later, they are moved into a finisher barn. Once they get to weight (210-240lbs), they are shipped to market.

The veterinary students learn various techniques while studying here at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Some techniques that are taught are: handling and restraint, blood collection, injection sites,nutrition, breeding, pregnancy checks and others.


Here are a few terms you need to know to get around a pig barn: