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The Block Change Process

DVM students in their Clinical Year can make minor alterations to their clinical schedule using the Block Change Process.

The Four-Step Process

  1. Check the Master Schedule in CRESS to make sure planned alterations won't affect a course's Min/Max by dropping/adding.
    • Students should not ask Course Coordinators for permission to exceed the maximum or drop below the minimum.
  2. Complete the Block Change Request Form
  3. Get Course Coordinator approval
    • Required for both Drops and Adds [EXCEPTIONS: approval not needed for Vacation or Extramurals]
    • TWO types of approval accepted: Signature or Email (if Email, student should print and attach to the Block Change Request Form)
  4. Submit forms AND approvals to the Clinical Coordinator in Student Services
    • Block Changes will NOT be processed until form AND approvals are received
    • Block Changes are processed on a first-come/first-serve basis
    • Must be submitted before the deadline [all changes must be made two blocks prior]

Requirements & Deadlines