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Focus Area for Equine Practice

Description of the Focus Area

The focus area is designed to prepare a student for entry level equine practice.

Recent/Current Number of Equine Focused Students


Equine Focus Area Committee

Equine Focus Area Advisors

Steps to pursue a focus in equine medicine

Year 1-3 Requirements

VMC 991 Y Equine Dentistry

Year 1-3 Recommended Courses

VMC 992 Active Learning in the Companion Animal VTH-Equine
VMC 991 Advanced Equine Ortho & Lameness
VMC 991 Advanced Equine Reproductive Techniques
VMC 992 Advanced Horse Handling
VMC 991 Equine Endoscopy
VMC 991 Equine Podiatry
VMC 991 Equine Parasitology in Clinical Practice

VMC 992 Large Animal Practice -Equine Exposure

VMC 991 Veterinary Medicine and Farriery

Fourth Year Required Courses

Required Courses # Blocks Required, Comments
VMB 976 Radiology 1
VMB 977 Clinical Anesthesia 1
VMP 977 Clinical Laboratory and Necropsy 1
VMP 978 Clinical Pathology, Parasitology, and Immunology 1
VMC 940 Theriogenology 1
VMC 968 Equine Orthopedic Surgery and Lameness 2
VMC 979 Equine Medicine 2  
VMC 975 Equine General Surgery 1
VMC 939 General Limited Small Animal Practice 1

VMC 966 Equine Emergency

Select 3 courses from the following: 3
VMC 949 Equine Primary Care  
VMC 978 Equine Lameness  
VMC 982 Clinical Veterinary Ophthalmology (equine)  
VMC 990 Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (equine)  
VMP 990 Large Animal Community Classroom  
Select 1 course from the following: 1
VMC 971 Small Animal Medicine Must sign up for 2 consecutive blocks (this course will satisfy the 2 course requirement)
VMC 954 Small Animal Medicine for Food Animal/Equine Students Sign up for 1 block, odd blocks only

VMC 973G Small Animal Surgery

VMC 973O Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery  
VMC 960 Small Animal Emergency  
Strongly Recommended  
VMC 941 Theriogenology/Special Topics Prerequisite: VMC 940 Theriogenology
Total required rotations 16

**Extramural Rotations (in 4th year) - maximum of 6 credits (3 rotations)**


Other Experiences

Students should consult with their advisor regarding extramural studies and other educational experiences.

Other Useful Information

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