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Liability Insurance


NC State Clinical-Year DVM Students

DVM students in their clinical year are covered by NC State's liability insurance when completing externship experiences for academic credit (both national and international experiences). Students going outside the USA should contact the Director of Veterinary International Programs regarding needed insurance.

Students are NOT covered when completing externships or practice visits on Vacation blocks, as they will not receive credit for their experience.

Certificate of Insurance: 4th-year students who are asked to provide proof of liability insurance should complete and submit the Request for Certificate of Insurance at least one month prior to the experience.

Offshore Students

Contract students attending NC State University's CVM for their clinical year are covered for liability insurance under policies specific to their schools:

AVMA-PLIT Student Liability Insurance

Students in one of the above categories may find it helpful and/or necessary to purchase AVMA-PLIT insurance if they are completing an externship experience without NCSU coverage or if their externship location requires visitors to purchase coverage.

Click here for Information about the AVMA-PLIT coverage and to download an application.