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Focus Area Leader

Dr. Mac Law

DVM Professional
Degree Program

DVM Program

Focus Area for Pathology

Description of the Focus Area

This focus area allows the student extra time to prepare for one of two specialty areas:  clinical pathology and anatomic pathology.  These career paths require advanced training and board certification.

Recent/Current Number of Pathology Focused Students


Steps to Pursue a Focus in Veterinary Pathology

  1. Identify an advisor in the pathology group
    (Drs. Cullen, Grindem, Law, Linder, Meuten, Neel, Borst)
  2. Join "PathHeads"; student pathology club; Dr Law advisor
  3. Outline selectives you would like to take; discuss with your advisor
  4. Identify other areas of interest that you would like to be involved with  (Research at CVM , Research in RTP and adjacent Universities,  Diagnostic experiences,  Career opportunities in Pathology, DVM/PhD program)
  5. Try to attend gross rounds and clinical pathology rounds
  6. Take several summer externships
  7. Take core rotations in senior year
  8. Additional 4th year rotations in anatomic or clinical pathology
  9. Take several externships in the 4th year.

Year 1-3 Requirements

There are no required courses during the first three years.

Year 1-3 Recommended Courses

Fundamentals: Recommended to be Taken in First Year

Specialties in Pathology

Advanced Diagnostic Techniques

Research Pathology

Others Related to Pathology

Fourth Year Required Rotations

Required rotations

Pick 2 rotations (any combination of the following)

**All Extramural Rotations (in 4th year) - maximum of 6 credits (3 rotations) total

Pick 1 from the following

Pick 1 from the following list

Pick 2 from the following list

Other Experiences

Hospital rounds / seminar series @ CVM

These are "opportunities" at the CVM. Some of these will be over your head (and that is OK) so review them with your advisor, decide which ones may be worth attending and give them a try; adjust your schedule and goals with your advisor.

Histopathology rounds

(space limited @ 10-headed scope; must be pre-arranged)

Journal clubs

Recommended journals to review

Extracurricular activities

Employment opportunities/externships/funding

Toxicologic pathology/Industry/Governmental

Opportunities in RTP area:

Diagnostic Path - Domestic/Exotic Animal

Funding/Externships (see also

Other Useful Information