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Program Coordinator

Dr. Mike Whitacre
Phone: 919.513.6246

Theriogenology Internship

Description of Program

The College of Veterinary Medicine at North Carolina State University offers an internship in Theriogenology to begin on June 20, 2011 at a salary of $24,000 per annum plus benefits. Due to department budget and time constraints we are limiting our search to US citizens or permanent residents.
The successful applicant will work closely with a team that includes two board certified theriogenologists, one theriogenology resident and 5 staff individuals. Their primary responsibilities will be at the NCSU Equine Health Center (EHC) in Southern Pines, NC in the assisted reproductive laboratory. Duties will include but not limited to:

  1. Management of EHC mare band
  2. Participation in breeding management of mares, stallions, stud dogs and bitches at EHC and the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Raleigh, NC and will include both out patient and in patient case management.
  3. Artificial insemination, embryo transfer, semen collection and processing for shipping and freezing.
  4. Other advanced reproductive techniques (oocyte collection and transfer, hysteroscopic insemination etc).
  5. Work closely with senior veterinary students on clinical rotations.
  6. Participate in all phases of research projects including sample and data collection, laboratory analysis of samples, and data entry.
  7. Be involved in didactic teaching in a laboratory setting in both VMP 951, Clinical Theriogenology elective courses, and theriogenology selective courses.
  8. Rotation on a duty roster that will include weekends and holidays.
  9. Involvement in the management of mares and stallions under CEM quarantine at the Equine Health Center

The theriogenology intern doesn't stand a formal emergency roster, but is expected to be available for scheduled weekend service work during the breeding season, March through August and at other limited times throughout the year.

The NCSU Theriogenology service sees 500 cases annually. Five cases are presented daily to the hospital.
Equine Reproduction Clinic

The EHC-SP is located in Southern Pines, NC, about 60 miles south of the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine. It is within easy access to both I-95 and I-40, and is centrally located along the Atlantic Coast.