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The Immunology concentration area coursework and laboratory research emphasize cellular and molecular biology studies in infectious disease immunology, mucosal immunity and inflammation, immunopathology, immunotoxicology, immunoparasitology, environmental immunology, and immunology of non-vertebrate species. The diversified faculty is drawn from the Colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture and Life Sciences as well as government agencies located in the Research Triangle Park. Interdepartmental cooperation provides a unique atmosphere for the study of immunology in a wide range of species.

The concentration is designed to prepare students for professional research and teaching careers in applying molecular biology techniques to animal and human health problems associated with environmental stress such as infectious agents and toxins. Immunology graduates are extremely competitive for positions in universities, pharmaceutical companies and governmental institutions. North Carolina State University in Raleigh with close proximity to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, and the Research Triangle Park provides a unique biomedical and research environment for seminars, meetings, and interaction with other scientists. Graduate research assistantships are available to qualified students.

Course offerings or research facilities are available in the following areas: immunopathology, immunotoxicology, immunoparasitology, mucosal immunology, molecular and infectious disease immunology, aquatic immunology. and environmental immunology.


For questions that are specific to this concentration area, contact:
Concentration Area Leader:
Dr. Scott Laster
Phone: (919) 515-7958
Fax: (919) 515-7867