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Director Dr. Scott Laster
Phone: 919-515-7958

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Career Opportunities

The North Carolina State University Immunology Program was designed to complement rather than duplicate existing immunology programs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University, and as such, the program emphasizes comparative immunology, immunity to infectious diseases, mucosal immunology, and environmental immunology/immunotoxicology. Immunology Ph.D. graduates are particularly attractive to universities, pharmaceutical companies, and governmental institutions with major interests in applying molecular biology techniques to animal and human health problems associated with environmental stress such as infectious agents and toxins. Students who receive the M.S. degree have many opportunities in academia and industry, including technical positions in laboratories conducting animal research. Employment opportunities for students who receive their degrees in immunology are expected to remain strong because of the growing emphasis on immunology and molecular biology in infectious disease research and environmental medicine.

Career Development and Placement Center

In addition to faculty advisers who are available to provide information about career and employment opportunities, graduate students and alumni receive assistance from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and College of Veterinary Medicine Career Development and Placement Offices. NCSU has access to Career Search Data Base of potential employers for all our graduates. Undergraduates are informed about summer internships and co-op opportunities in their fields and are assisted with applying for such positions. Services are also provided to help students with resume writing and interview skills. On-campus interviews are arranged for prospective graduates, and employment opportunities are widely publicized to students. Alumni are also able to take advantage of these services and are informed about employment prospects through a monthly placement bulletin.