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Director Dr. Scott Laster
Phone: 919-515-7958

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Course Descriptions

IMM(MB) 751 Immunology

Preq: BCH 451, GN 411, MB 351, 3(3-0), S. Introduction to mechanisms of immunity in man and animals. Emphasis on interactions between cells of the immune system in production of immune responses and the molecules in control of these interactions.

IMM(CBS) 755 Immunoparasitology.

Preq: IMM 751, 2(2-0), S. Alt. yrs. Helminth and protozoal parasite immune evasion and immunomodulation; consequences of parasite-induced immunopathogenesis; learning from failed attempts to develop protective vaccines against protozoa and helminths.

IMM(TOX) 705 Immunotoxicology.

Preqs: TOX 701, 2(2-0), F. Alt. yrs. Concepts in the study of adverse effects of chemicals on the immune system, including allergic responses, autoimmunity and immunosuppression. Significance of immunotoxic effects resulting from environmental or workplace exposure. Role of immunotoxicity in risk assessment.

IMM(MB) 783 Advanced Immunology.

Preq: IMM (MB) 751 or equivalent, 3(3-0), F. Alt. yrs. In depth study of the basic cellular and molecular mechanisms of immunity, including antigen processing and presentation, T cell and B cell development, initiation of the immune response, effector mechanisms, and immunological memory. The course is designed for advanced graduate students who wish to focus on the current concepts in immunology.

IMM(CBS) 816 Advanced Topics in Immunology.

Preq: Graduate Standing, 1(1-0), F, S. Selected topics of current interest in immunology. A different topic will be covered each semester to focus on the most recent developments in the field.

IMM(CBS) 807 Seminar in Veterinary Microbiology/Immunology.

Preq: Graduate Standing, 1(1-0), F, S. Presentation of ongoing research by invited speakers.