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Jay Levine, DVM, MPH
North Carolina State University
College of Veterinary Medicine
Phone: 919.513.6397

Andrew Olshan, PhD
University of North Carolina
Gillings School of Global Public Health
Phone: 919.966.7424
Email: andy_olshan@unc.ed

Faculty Mentors

Each enrolled student is assigned two mentors, one from the UNC School of Public Health, the other from the NCSU CVM.  Mentors are selected by the MPH director in consultation with each student based on mentor expertise and the career interest of the student. The faculty mentor reviews student elective course selections, and helps students select, design and implement the project required for successful completion of the program. In addition, the faculty mentor serves as the primary resource individual to monitor each students academic progress toward completion of the program.

Faculty Mentor Discipline Department E-mail
Ronald Baynes Drug residues and drug kinetics PHP Ronald _Baynes
Ed Breitschwerdt Infectious Diseases/ Internal Medicine Clinical Sciences
Peter Cowen Epidemiology and public health PHP
Craig Harms Aquatic Animal health management Clinical Sciences
Jay Levine Epidemiology/ Public health/ Environmental Health PHP
David Ley Poultry Health Management PHP
Malcolm Roberts Epidemiology and environmental health PHP
Barrett Slenning Ruminant Health/ Epidemiology/ Biosecurity PHP
Michael Stoskopf Aquatics, Wildlife and environmental health Clinical Sciences

Sid Thakur Molecular Epidemiology of Resistant Food Borne Pathogens PHP