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Residency Coordinators

Dr. Bruce Keene
Phone: 919.513.6238

Dr. Clarke Atkins
Phone: 919.513.6379

Dr. Teresa DeFrancesco
Phone: 919.513.6495

Cardiology Residency

Program Description

The NCSU cardiology service offers a full range of noninvasive and invasive diagnostic and therapeutic services to approximately 2,000 referred cases per year. The residency is supported by 4 ACVIM board certified cardiologists (Clarke Atkins, Terri DeFrancesco, Bruce Keene, and Sandy Tou), 5 full time cardiology technicians (4 clinical and 1 research), and a service-specific receptionist.

The residency is 3 years in duration, including training and adequate off-clinic time to complete a meaningful research project and publication, but without any graduate degree requirement. The NCSU veterinary teaching hospital offers a complete training environment with excellent collaborative opportunities with other specialists (e.g. internal medicine, critical care, radiology and surgery). Residents participate in an active weekly schedule of cardiology reading group, cardiology journal club, house officer seminar and cardiology/critical care conferences which are maintained throughout the residency. NCSU Libraries provides access to ACVIM Cardiology examination recommended reading list materials in addition to many other relevant resources.

In addition, participation in Duke University Medical Center's pediatric weekly cardiology echo challenge and case conference is encouraged. Completion of an internship or its equivalent is required, along with at least 3 letters of reference. An interview is also required, which may be arranged by telephone or in person.

Inquiries are best made by e-mail to one of the Residency Coordinators.


This residency participates in the American Association of Veterinary Clinicians’ (AAVC) Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program (VIRMP) when a position is available. Application information and procedures are available at