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Evaluation of Instruction FAQ


I know when, but HOW do I get my teaching evaluated by the students?

You can pick up instructor evaluations packets from C-116, or you can contact ASU (email/call) to arrange for a pick up packet(s) in advance.

Sometimes course coordinators do the evaluations at the same time and pick up a group of packets, others allow for each instructor to schedule their own.

Either prior to, or just before just before handing out the evaluations, ask the class representative to collect and return the evaluations to C-116.  The evaluated instructor cannot collect the forms.

Is it possible to have the Course # and Instructor fields "pre-filled" on the evaluation ScanTron sheets?

Yes! Simply make a request to the ASU staff person that supports your course. We'll make certain its done.

How can I check if an evaluation for my teaching was completed?

There are two ways, you can contact ASU (call/email) or check with your home department. Periodic reports will be submitted to the department heads that lists the completed evaluations submitted to the ASU office.

When do I get the results?  How do I get the results?

After the evaluations conducted results are compiled and the report generated by ASU staff. The results are released after the semester is over. An electronic copy (PDF) is delivered via email to the evaluated instructor and the department head.  The original hard copy forms, are returned to the instructor’s home department.

For fall, completed results are generally released prior to MLK Holiday weekend, and for spring results they are generally released prior to “father’s day weekend”.  If there are evaluations received during the summer, they are processed with the fall evaluations.

How can I get a replacement report?

If you have lost your results, please check with your home department for an additional copy.
ASU will keep an electronic copy of the report on file for one year.