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Learning Management System FAQ


What does LMS mean? What’s a Moodle?  What does moodle mean? What does Moodle  mean for NCSU?  Do I have to use “Moodle” (for my course)? Are all the “DVM” courses in Moodle? Where do I get (find) my “moodle”?

LMS means “learning management system”.  That also means working with Moodle here at the CVM for your teaching courses. Moodle stands for “abbreviation for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environmen”. In other words, Moodle is a FREE program that the university can freely manipulate to help with posting course materials to the web.

So yes, all of the courses, first through third years are now in Moodle for the CVM.  Academic Services is working on moving any courses that are coordinated via the CVM,  remaining in NCSU’s wolfware lockers to Moodle.  This includes undergraduate and graduate courses. Those that have already been moved to Moodle have been contacted.   And yes, you have to use Moodle if the DVM course is coordinated via the CVM. 

To access a CVM course in Moodle, go to

Remember to access the site, Moodle requires a NCSU log in for the vast majority of the courses.

I have a course in Moodle, so how can ASU help me? I don’t see my course in Moodle? What now?

Academic Services can assist with posting materials in moodle, just have the materials in the final electronic format (only) you would like the students and/or participants to see. In most cases, unless otherwise specified, word, powerpoints and excel documents will posted as  PDF file, in an annotatable format.  Just email, or drop by with your flash drive to the ASU office. Academic Services will post course materials within 2 business days of receipt of the request.

If you don’t see your course in moodle contact  ASU, and if its via email please give the course number. If you are an instructor in a course, and don’t see your course  listed, contact your course coordinator FIRST, and ask that they contact Academic Services to get you added.

What about Grades? Is that in Moodle or “My Pack Portal”?  I like spreadsheets (excel).

Posting FINAL GRADES (University Registration and Records ) are to be completed by the course coordinator. The coordinator has the option to use “My Pack Portal” or Moodle.  ASU can only help with posting scores for a test, quiz or exam in Moodle.

You can download a copy of your entries from Moodle to excel, and you have the option to upload your spreadsheet entries from excel into Moodle.  To learn more about this or how to do so, stop by or contact the ASU office.