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Testing Services FAQ


How do I get a test, exam or quiz copied?

The course coordinator and/or the instructor can contact ASU (call/email) at least 3 business days prior to the date of the exam to arrange a copy request. When you do so, the exam needs to be in the final format you wish for it to have it printed. Just submit your request via email, CD, and/or USB.

ASU sends the request to NCSU’s Wolfxpress (formerly Wolfcopy). Wolfxpres does not employ students to help with their copies and print jobs.

If you exam has multiple sections, and needs to be collated (stapled/arranged), ASU can work with the instructor as well. ASU can also help with separation when its over.

I use Scantron (red bubble sheet) for my test, where do I get the forms? How about pencils? What do I do once the exam is over?

Red bubble scantron sheets can be obtained in two places. If the course if for a MBS or DOCS course, you can get the forms from the ASU office. If you’re in PHP, you can obtain them from the PHP Admin office.

ASU has pencil packets too. Just come by ASU office to check one out.*

Once the exam is over ASU can work with the faculty member to send off the Optical Mark Reading (OMR) Services group in the Hillsborough Building on main campus for processing. Please allow a full business day (24 hours) for processing of the exam. Only the course coordination and/or instructor can pick up the returned assessments.

Can ASU help with exam reviews?  What do I need to do?

Yes. ASU will work with faculty member(s) and the students to schedule a review session. Often, the reviews are held during lunch, 12:15 to 1:30 pm.

ASU conducts 30 minute or 45 minute review session opportunities for students.

For a successful review session to take place, please have a “key” for your exam (or quiz), unless you have each test marked with the correct answer. Additionally if students have a question, they will be instructed by ASU to contact ”you” the instructor.

Any additional reviews after the one scheduled by ASU are to be conducted by the instructor(s).

While students are not allowed to use any electronic devices during review sessions they are encouraged to make notes for themselves via paper and pencil/pen.

Exams are over, reviews are over, who keeps the exams (assessments)?

ASU will archive the assessments for up to one year. This is not a requirement, it is an option. The assessments will be filed by year, course number, and date of exam and with instructor name.  For example if your course exam was in Fall 2011, the exams will be securely disposed of after December 2012.

The assessments on file will only be only accessible to the course coordinator and/or instructor(s) who were associated with that particular assessment. If the instructor and/or course coordinator does not want their assessments shredded, they have to sign out their assessment prior to the shred deadline.