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Evaluation of Instruction SOP


Goal 1:   identifying all courses for conducting teaching evaluations for each instructor

To facilitate faculty career progression for our teaching and teaching-research faculty and to promote teaching excellence in the classroom across the curriculum; instructor teaching evaluations are utilized as a tool to capture instructional feedback from students. A collaborative effort is needed between course coordinators, instructors, and Academic Services to ensure these courses are identified, evaluation dates are set, and evaluation forms are completed each semester.


1.1   Course Coordinators update syllabus well in advance of each semester to include each instructor’s teaching load. It is the responsibility of the Course Coordinator to make certain that the syllabus schedule is accurate, as this data starts the process.

1.2   For DVM Courses:

1.2.1   Academic Support Unit will receive data from SyllaBuilder that reflects each instructor's DVM teaching responsibilities. From this data departmental lists of teaching faculty will be created.

1.2.2   The departmental list of teaching faculty will be sent to the Department Heads for review so that they may provide feedback to Academic Services as to which instructors need to be evaluated and allowing the Department head to identify the specific courses per instructor for that purpose.

1.2.3   Academic Support Unit will email individual instructors/course coordinators to set up teaching evaluation dates.

1.2.4   Academic Support Unit will confirm review dates and send confirmation to each instructor for each course taught

1.2.5   Academic Support Unit will maintain an on-line Evaluation of Instruction Status Report to include instructor/course number/course description/semester/ year and scheduled teaching evaluation review date for internal tracking purposes.

1.3   For Graduate and Undergraduate Courses:

1.3.1   Per University policy, these courses are to be evaluated using the Campus' on-line "ClassEval" system.

1.3.2   Special requests from Department Heads to additionally evaluate individual teaching faculty in Graduate and/or Undergraduate course will be accomodated via the same methodology used in DVM courses, as described in section 1.2. Such requests should be made in a timely manner.

1.4   An on-line Evaluation of Instruction Status Report will be available for Department Heads, and/or Assistant Department Heads to review each faulty member's evaluation status.

1.5   It is the responsibility of the course coordinator to ensure each instructor arranges teaching evaluations per departmental guidelines.

1.6   Department Heads/Assistant Department Heads will follow up with course coordinators should issues of non-compliance arise.

Goal 2:   Consistency in obtaining instructor teaching evaluations

As a provider for academic services, consistency in capturing teaching evaluations for teaching faculty and gathering data for a variety of courses, to include selectives, graduate, and undergraduate courses, in addition to DVM courses is a priority and will be a component of how we measure success of the unit.


2.1   Maintain consistency and broaden the scope of teaching evaluations for our teaching faculty.

2.2   Academic Support Unit will send a reminder to the instructor one week prior to the scheduled teaching evaluation.

2.3   Course Coordinator, Instructor or Academic Support Unit Student Assistant picks up the evaluation packet from Academic Support Unit (C-116)

2.4   The Academic Support Unit will utilize the same formatted teaching evaluation forms for all DVM Courses.

2.4   Instructors distribute forms to the students during the class period for completion.

2.5   The class Academic Support Unit Student Assistant will return the signed/sealed packet to Academic Support Unit in a timely fashion.

2.6   It is strongly advised that evaluation packets be returned the same day they are distributed to students.

2.7   Academic Support Unit will update an on-line Evaluation of Instruction Status Report as evaluation sets move through the process

2.8   So that tracking of outstanding evaluations does not become an issue, Academic Support Unit requires a complete set of returned forms in the envelope provided by ASU.  Any forms turned in outside the signed/sealed evaluation packet will not be included in the evaluation data.

Goal 3:   Teaching evaluation statistical data

The teaching evaluation statistical data is a critical component on the instructor's dossier that includes an evaluation of teaching effectiveness as part of the retention, promotion and tenure process.  Our goal is to provide accurate, verifiable statistical data.   


3.1   As a general rule, Academic Support Unit will process teaching evaluations at the conclusion of each semester. Special request for early processing will be accomodated in a timely manner.

3.2   The on-line Evaluation of Instruction Status Report will be updated as the evaluations are compiled and that progress report will be made available to the department heads and/or assistant department heads for review and follow up as needed.

3.3   Each statistical data report and scanned comments section will be released to the instructor and department head/assistant department head at the end of each semester.

3.4   The teaching evaluation hard copy will be sent to the department to archive or disseminate to instructor per departmental guidelines

3.5   A final report will be sent to the course coordinator/department heads/assistant department heads for final review, projected planning & troubleshooting for the next semester or calendar year.

3.6   Academic Support Unit will maintain an electronic copy of the teaching evaluations for 1 year.  Departments should archive evaluations for future reference.