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Learning Management System (Moodle) Support SOP


1.       On-line Instruction

1.1.    Ideally, Course materials to be received well in advance of the start of a semester

1.2.    Course materials must be submitted in final, formatted form. Faculty will be responsible for scanning materials for posting to the course web site in accordance with all copyright regulations.

1.3.    Upon request, the Academic Support Unit will make conversion of files to annotatable PDF files prior to posting.

1.4.    Course material updates will be posted to the LMS within 2 business days of receipt by Academic Support Unit

1.5.    The Academic Support Unit will not email course materials to students nor provide communication services (email reminders, etc.) to students

1.6.    The Academic Support Unit will not store course materials for faculty

2.       Grade Books & Final Course Grades

2.1.    If requested, the Academic support Unit will post grades to the Moodle grade book

2.2.    If requested, spreadsheet backup files, as exported directly from Moodle, will be provided

2.3.    Posting of final course grades to the University Registration and Records system will be the responsibility of the Course Coordinator

2.4.    The Academic Support Unit will provide backup assistance with MyPackPortal for Student Services as needed