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Testing Services SOP


Applicable to all Graded Assessments (to include Quizzes, Tests, Exams, & Laboratory Attendance)


1.       Assembly, Duplication and Distribution

1.1. Assessments are to be received from the course coordinator (or designee)  via email, CD or USB key three  business days prior to test date (Wolf Express and/or in-house copier will be utilized for duplication)

1.2. If assessments are not received from the course coordinator (or designee) three business days prior to test date, the instructor will need to make special arrangements for duplication with Academic Support staff.

1.3. The documents will be counted and numbered for tracking purposes.

1.4. To insure security, faculty (or designee) will be required to pick up these assessments from the Academic Support office, in person.  The documents will be counted and the transaction will be logged.

1.5. Assessment bubble sheet/ pencil packets will be made available for pick up from the Academic Support office

2.       Evaluation

2.1. Upon completion the assessments (and bubble sheets) should be returned to the Academic Support Unit office. The documents will be counted and the transaction will be logged.

2.2. Assessments will be hand-carried by an ASU staff member to the Optical Mark Reading (OMR) Services group in the Hillsborough Building (main campus) for scanning. One trip to campus per day will be scheduled, as a 24-hour turn-around is the standard service. Results will be returned to faculty for review. All documents will be counted and the transaction will be logged for audit purposes.

2.3. If requested, scores will be posted to the course Moodle grade book.  Moodle scores will be entered by one and cross-checked by a different ASU staff member.

2.4. If requested, completed assessments will be re-collated for distribution to faculty for grading. To insure security, faculty will be required to pick up these assessments from the Academic Support office, in person.

3.       Storage and Archiving

3.1. Assessments will be securely stored in locked file cabinets by Class Year, then Course Number in the ASU office.

3.2. File cabinets will remain locked to be accessed only by ASU staff.  Archived assessments will only be made available to associated faculty and/or students.

3.3. For security and tracking purposes there is no faculty “self-service” within the Academic Support Unit.   ASU staff will retrieve exams and individuals will sign out specific student exams/files.  Room C-116 is manned or locked at all times.

3.4. Assessment will be archived for 1 year after the end of the semester.. 

3.5. A log will be kept for the entire life cycle of each assessment recording names, times and dates for each document checked out and back in by faculty and/or students.

4.       Review Sessions

4.1. To schedule a review session a class representative should contact Academic Support Unit staff.

4.2. Review sessions will be scheduled to allow for time to reserve a room. The exam review will only be conducted in a closed room

4.3. Should a student be unable to attend a scheduled review session, a make-up session should be scheduled with ASU staff within 5 working days of the conclusion of a scheduled review session.

4.4. For privacy, a completed, scored assessment will only be distributed to the test taker and no one else.

4.5. Students will be required to sign exams out/in during each review session. A log of these transactions will be kept on file for the entire life cycle of the document.

4.6. Students are not allowed to use any electronic devices during review sessions. Students are allowed to make notes for themselves on paper, by hand.

4.7. It is the responsibility of the student to contact faculty regarding individual test items that are in question by the student. While copying verbiage from the exam is forbidden, the student is encouraged to make a note of the exam item number for discussion with the faculty.

4.8. Grade changes will be accepted from the course coordinators only. Faculty wishing to change a grade must submit that grade change through the course coordinator.

4.9. Students/instructors may contact Academic Services directly for data entry errors to exam grades in Moodle.

5.       Disposal

5.1. ASU will contact the instructor prior to disposal to determine if the documents should be preserved beyond the 1-year time frame or returned to the faculty.

5.2. All logs will be kept on file for the duration of the archived documents.

5.3. Assessment documents will disposed of in a secure manner.