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Awards for Excellence at CVM

This awards program is designed to recognize recent accomplishments of permanent NC State employees either SPA or EPA (non faculty). The College of Veterinary Medicine will award 2 SPA employees and 1 EPA employee with this distinction who will then compete at the University Level.

The nomination criteria are: outstanding service, innovations, public service, safety/heroism and human relations.  Any permanent SPA or EPA non faculty may be nominated for 1 category but, not more than 2 of the  mentioned categories. Nominees should have made major contributions reflecting credit on themselves and NC State service.  Their service and accomplishments must be outstanding meriting this special  recognition.

College award recipients will receive a $250 check and eight hours of leave provided by the College. All College award recipients will be considered at the University level; University level winners are granted an additional eight hours of leave and a $250 check provided by the Division of Human Resources for Finance and Business.

2013 CVM Awards for Excellence Winners

Dan Aber, Veterinary Health Complex, Pharmacy

Dan Aber

Robin Lazaro, Veterinary Health Complex, ICU

Robin Lazaro

Patty Spears, Population Health and Pathobiology Department, Research

Patty Spears

2012 CVM Awards for Excellence Winners

Gail Druley, Department of Clinical Sciences

Gail Druley

Henry Marr, Department of Clinical Sciences

Henry Marr

Kelly Wick, Dean's Office

Kelly Wick

2011 CVM Awards for Excellence Winners

CVM clinches third University level Award for Excellence in 2011*

*Patty Secoura, Veterinary Health Complex- Internal Medicine*

Patty Secoura

Curtis Colwell, Veterinary Health Complex- Large Animal Hospital

Curtis Colwell

Ken Satterwhite, Site Director

Ken Satterwhite

2010 CVM Award for Excellence

CVM clinches another University level Award for Excellence in 2010

Julie Nettifee-Osborne, Research Technician in the Department of Clinical Sciences

JNO-AFE Winner

Julie Nettifee-Osborne, Research Technician, Department of Clinical Sciences

Mitsu Suyemoto AFE 2010

Mitsu Suyemoto, Research Specialist, Population Health and Pathobiology


Tom Krupa AFE 2010

Tom Krupa, CVM Webmaster, College Relations