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Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Assistance



Who does technical procedures involving research animals? Does LAR have to do it or can anyone from my lab do it?
LAR has a Technical Assistance Program, and is always glad to help train research staff (no charge) or perform technical services (fee-for-service). In the CVM, most technical procedures are performed by research staff. Individuals who handle animals or perform animal manipulations must be qualified, and listed on the IACUC protocol form.

How can I get help in performing a technical procedure on my animals?
Submit a Technical Service Request Form to at least 2 business days before a routine service is requested. The Technical Services Coordinator should be consulted directly for any technical service requests that are new, late, or involve long-term or otherwise extensive support ( See also the Policies and Procedures for this program.

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How much will it cost me to have you do ---- on my animals?
LAR technical and veterinary services are charged on an hourly fee-for-service basis. Please see the current LAR rate schedule for fees and policy statements for both programs for more information.

What is the difference between a technical service and a veterinary service?
Technical services consist of such activities as animal transport, extra supplies and equipment, preparing animals for labs or procedures, etc and fall under the category of extended husbandry activities. Veterinary services are any services that require veterinary supervision and/or care. Such requests would be submitted on a request for Veterinary service and is submitted to LAR veterinary staff.

Where do I send requests for LAR Technical Services?
Technical service requests should be sent to . Problems with the link can be directed to the Technical Services Coordinator or anyone in the LAR office.

Where do I send requests for LAR Veterinary Services?
During regular working hours –
- If your require assistance from the LAR Veterinary Staff or medications and supplies, send an email to We stock a limited quantity of pharmaceuticals, so for those activities which can be planned, please give sufficient lead time to allow us to track down the product and order it.
- For those cases of spontaneous disease or research complications we will do our best to provide or track down what you need.
- See also FAQ on What should I do if one of my animals is sick.

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Can someone help train me to perform an animal technique?
Yes, LAR is happy to provide free training for any animal procedure with which we have experience, and provide assistance otherwise in identifying appropriate training resources. Contact the LAR Technical Services Coordinator for more information (

Can I get help to move my animals?
Yes. Transportation of animals, as well as any other need above and beyond routine husbandry and service, falls under the category of Technical (or Veterinary) Services (see other FAQs in this section).

Does LAR have to transport my animals?
In most cases, no, although this is a service available through the LAR Technical Service Program. If PIs intend to transport their own animals, it is important to discuss plans with the LAR Unit Supervisor. Students should not be used to move teaching animals, and off campus movement of animals in personal vehicles is discouraged.

So, where does CPL fit in?
The primary mission of the Central Procedures Laboratory is to provide anesthesia and surgery support for research projects; by prior arrangement, this may include postoperative monitoring and treatment and other technical assistance for procedures conducted in the CPL area. Contact the CPL Manager (x36486) to make arrangements and for additional information.

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