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Gnotobiotics Unit

Gnotobiotic Unit

The NCSU Gnotobiotic Unit is located in one of the adjacent animal holding buildings at the College of Veterinary Medicine. The Gnotobiotic Unit has three animal rooms containing approximately 30 flexible film isolators for housing rats and mice in axenic or gnotobiotic conditions. One other room is designated for preparing supplies as needed to be sterilized for use in the flexible film isolators.

The aims of the Gnotobiotic Unit located at North Carolina State University are to:

The core serves as a national resource.

The Center for Gastrointestinal Biology and Disease promotes research and teaching on all aspects of gastrointestinal biology, physiology, and epidemiology, with special emphasis on inflammatory bowel disease.

Resources at the center's disposal include investigators and core laboratories at two constituent members of North Carolina's university system-the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where the activities are based largely at the School of Medicine, and North Carolina State University. Please refer to the links below for further information on CGIBD.

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