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Mission Statement

The mission of LAR is to provide NCSU faculty with optimal animal resources at the least practical cost. The term "animal resources" includes not only animal housing facilities, but also animal husbandry services, veterinary care, technical services, expertise in laboratory animal technology and medicine, and assurance of compliance with regulatory requirements and institutional policies for animal care and use. LAR is responsible for assisting faculty in conducting animal experimentation in keeping with these standards, and is committed to assuring the well-being of experimental animals while providing services that facilitate their humane and judicious use.

The objectives of the LAR unit include:

LAR Values

As members of the CVM Laboratory Animal Resources unit, we strive to achieve the following behaviors:

Customer Service

We demonstrate customer service by: consistently providing high quality animal care and research support, in a timely manner, while being courteous and responsive in our customer interactions.

Respect for Animals

We demonstrate respect for animals by: Acknowledging the privilege of working with laboratory animals, following standard procedures for animal care and welfare, and improving animal well-being through compassionate human interaction and environmental enrichment .

Professional Integrity

We demonstrate professional integrity by: Knowing our job, being accountable and responsible for the quality of our work, and treating our co-workers with honesty and respect.


We demonstrate teamwork by: Having good attendance and maintaining a positive attitude, while coordinating efforts and sharing workload and skills with others.


We demonstrate communication by: Listening carefully and providing timely and constructive feedback in order to improve relationships and performance.

Professional Development

We demonstrate professional development by: Learning continuously; sharing and improving skills necessary to ensure a productive work environment, through LAR/CPL opportunities, NCSU courses, AALAS certification and other professional activities.