Ghashghaei Labortory

Current Research:

The brain is a delicate structure. If damaged or diseased, the outcome can be devastating and irreversible. This susceptibility stems from the inability of the adult brain to repair itself, and currently there are no pharmaceutical or other therapeutic approaches to reverse damage or degeneration in the brain. Research in our laboratory is directed toward:

    1. Understanding cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie the development and functioning of adult neural stem cells in the mouse brain;
    2. Development of methods to understand and alter the fate of adult stem cells toward distinct neuronal and glial lineages.
    3. Utilization of cell-based techniques in development of novel therapies in mouse and large-animal (veterinary) models of neurological diseases.
NeuroDev NeuroSys

Highly motivated postdoctoral fellows and graduate students interested in working in our lab should contact Dr. Ghashghaei (