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Breen, Matthew, PhD. C.Biol. M.I.Biol
Associate Professor of Genomics

Interphase FISH

As with metaphase FISH, interphase FISH is a ‘direct’ approach where single locus probes (SLPs) are use to probe cell nuclei to assess the gross numerical and structural characteristics of a tumor cell population. In contrast to metaphase FISH interphase FISH is able to make use of preserved cellular material and may thus be extended to include the use of archival paraffin embedded biopsy sections. The example below shows the application of multicolor FISH of single locus probes (SLP) to determine the number of copies of five different chromosomes in a canine cancer cell nucleus. In this case the chromosomes represented by red, orange and pink SLPs all have a normal copy number of n=2, while the chromosomes represented by a blue and a green SLP are both present as three copies, indicating that both these chromosome are trisomy in this cell.

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