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The Pet In Memoriam Scholarship Program

Pet In Memoriam



How it Works?

Participating in the Pet In Memoriam Scholarship Program is simple.  Give us a call and we will send you a Pet In Memoriam membership packet.  When an animal dies or must be euthanized, or if you would like to honor a pet, simply forward one of the forms included in your membership packet to the College.  Based on the option you have chosen, we will then send a personalized letter to your client, informing them of the thoughtful gesture made by you in memory or honor of their pet.  You will be awarded 40 letters and your gift will go into the Pet In Memoriam Scholarship fund.  A College of Veterinary scholarship committee made up of faculty members will award a designated student with a $1000 scholarship sponsored by your clinic.

Why Participate?

The Pet In Memoriam Scholarship Program offers you the opportunity to assure your clients that neither they nor their pets have been forgotten.  Your acknowledgement of their grief helps build strong, supportive relationships that can help retain and increase your practice.  Other benefits include tax-deductible receipt (s) for your contributions and recognition in North Carolina Veterinary Medical Foundation publications. 

How Your Gift Helps in Other Ways

The average veterinary student graduates with a debt load of $65,000.  Scholarships are a wonderful way to help to keep a world-class veterinary medical education including tuition, medical books, stethoscopes and other supplies within reach.  By participating in this program, you can:

For more information, please call Allison Crouch, Director of Development, NC State College of Veterinary Medicine - (919) 513-6427 or email