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Your Gift In Action


Rentel-smallSecuring Income and Saving Taxes
Lew and Billie Rentel were not students at NC State University, but that doesn't mean they are not 'red and white for life'. The Rentels, who met in Altoona, Pennsylvania and celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2009, moved to Cary and became acquainted with NC State through the efforts of their neighbor... continue reading


Wilcox-smallGift of Admiration, Awe, and Gratitude
Creating an endowment was a natural progression for Charles and Barbara Wilcox of Alexander, NC. The Charles E. and Barbara H. Wilcox Scholarship Endowment allows this couple to tangibly express their gratitude for the care that the professionals of the NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine provide... continue reading


Neville-smallGenerous IRA Gift
Gordon Neville '61 BS Dairy Management and Ag Economics met his future bride in the first grade. As they grew up in Chapel Hill during the 1950s, they became high school sweethearts. Gordon was fortunate enough to convince Pat to marry him in 1958 and they have been an inseparable team in life and in love... continue reading


Holland-smallSaving Taxes with Pet Project
Anyone who ever spent any time with Stacy Lee Holland (Textiles '49) immediately recognized his love of animals; particularly the variety that wag their tails! As a child, he remembered a fox terrier that produced 58 puppies. Since his father was the fire chief in Raleigh for more than 12 years, Stacy always wanted a Dalmatian... continue reading


Resnick-smallWhy I Support Veterinary Research
When my husband Paul and I moved to Cary, North Carolina in 1995, our household included Tugger and Gypsy, two handsome Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Our pets were healthy except both had well-documented heart murmurs. From age four, both dogs had been evaluated annually at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School... continue reading