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Sunshine Bittner

Sunshine Bittner

Sunshine rescued me in July, 2002, three months after my husband, John, had died of pancreatic cancer. She burrowed herself deeply into my heart and soul, giving me such joy, love, and companionship. She moved with me 3200 miles across the country to Idaho in 2005 in the back seat of my car, resting her sweet head on the back cushion so she could track my parents, following us in their car. She loved hiking with the "Hiker Chix" and Mountain West Outdoor Club in the Boise foothills, Bogus Basin trails and Sun Valley trails. Most of all, she made me laugh, with her impish grin, one-ear-up-one-ear-down, let"s play bows, tag around the dining table, joyish running and turning on a dime, and doggie angels in the snow. Her sweet and gentle spirit will be in my spirit forever.
2001-2007. Gift of God and John.

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    Denise A. Bittner
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    Small Animal Hospital - Admissions
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