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NC State CVM Ranks Third in Nation

Congratulations Class of 2015!

In Memory of Dr. Richard Dillman

Johanna Elfenbein Receives Outstanding Young Alumni Award

R.B. Terry Charitable Foundation Gives $16 Million for Veterinary Research, Scholarships

CVM Graduate Megan Inskeep Named Young Swine Veterinarian of the Year

Lindquist Receives Award for Outstanding Student in Public Service

Student Research Paper Receives Recognition from American Board of Veterinary Toxicology

Students Receive Awards from Merck Animal Health Scholarship Program

CVM Research Study Enhances Pain Treatment for Ferrets

College of Veterinary Medicine Open House Set for March 28

Students Receive Awards from Zoetis Veterinary Student Scholarship Program

Researcher Named Clinician Scientist by AKC-Canine Health Foundation

Resident Honored with Reed Rumsey Clinical Research Award

Love for Animals Inspires Couple's Bequest

Researchers Advance New Glaucoma Treatments

Gigi Davidson Pharmacy Award

CVM News, Updates

Canine Paralysis Study Suggests Spinal Cord Injuries Require Customized Treatments

Keep Animals Healthy and Safe this Winter

Gigi Davidson Appointed to FDA Advisory Committee

Student Selected Alternate Student Delegate for AASV Board

Student Recipient of AASV Veterinary Internship Stipend

CVM News, Updates for November

David Dorman Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Sid Thakur Named University Faculty Scholar

Keep Pets Safe and Healthy This Thanksgiving

Kenneth Adler Recipient of Dr. John S. Risley Entrepreneur of the Year Award

CVM Pharmacist 'Standing on the Bridge for One Medicine'

How to Explain the Death of a Pet to a Young Child

CVM Toxicology Professor Chairs National Research Council Committee on Evaluating Safer Chemicals

CVM News, Updates for September/October

Notice to Clients of the Veterinary Health Complex

Student Receives Scholarship for Excellence in Bovine Medicine

New Nanoparticle May Help Regenerate Healthy Heart Tissue

Kindred Companions Memorial Gathering Set for Oct. 2

23rd Annual Dog Olympics Set for Saturday

CVM News, Updates for August/September

Executive Director of Development Accepts AKC-CHF Position

Researcher Repairs Damaged Heart Tissue with Use of Adult Stem Cells

CVM Researcher Recipient of 2014 Young Investigator Award

CVM Alum Finalist for "America's Top Veterinarian"

A Golden Legacy

Eleanor Hawkins Receives the ACVIM Distinguished Service Award

Jonathan Fogle Recipient of Grant from the Creative and Novel Ideas in HIV Research Program

Natasha Olby Recipient of Faculty Achievement Award from American Association of Veterinary Clinicians

Joanne Tuohy Named AKC-CHF Clinician-Scientist

Neural Transplant Reduces Absence Epilepsy Seizures in Mice

Owners Invited to Have Dogs Participate in Canine Blood Donor Program

CVM News, Updates for July

CVM News, Updates for June

Tips to Ensure Pets Have a Healthy and Safe Summer

Behaviorist Urges Awareness to Protect Children from Dog Bites

NCVMF Update

CVM News, Updates for May

Congratulations Class of 2014.

Military Vets as in Veterinarians

Commander Golden, USN Reserve, Class of 2014

Adam Birkenheuer Recipient of Alumni Achievenment Award

Hitchings New Investigator Award Supports Student Research

Amanda Fox Receives Award from American Veterinary Medical History Society

CVM News Updates for April

Newest Weapon in War on Pet Cancer

Preparing Next Generation of Large Animal Veterinarians (video)

Memories of Open House 2014

Ophthalmology Service Participates in National Service Dog Eye Exam Program

Natasha Olby Recipient of Faculty Achievement Award from AAVC

Mutated Canine Gene May Aid Study of Neurodegenerative Diseases

USDA Research Scientist to Head Population Health and Pathobiology

Steve Marks Named Director of Medical Services, Associate Dean

Global Health at the Animal-Human Interface

Lobo's Hope: Collaboration Helps Ailing Binturong

Winn Feline Foundation Supports Feline Health Study

Joanne Tuohy Named AKC-CHF Clinician-Scientist

Ed Smallwood Recipient of Texas A&M Distinguished Alumni Award

Callie Pierce Recipient of Poultry Scholarship from AAAP Foundation

Cowabunga: Bovine Educational Symposium

Discovery May Enhance Treatment for Chronic Pain in Pets, People

Devising Humane Way to Euthanize Dying Whales

White House Recognition for CVM Graduate Aron Hall

Remembering Dr. Coggins: Pioneer in Equine Medicine

Program Profiles CVM Scientist's One Health Research

Jeannine Moga Discusses the Human-Animal Bond in WUNC Podcast

Why Biomedical Research is Important

CVM Scholarship Honors Sandy Hook Student

Arnold Brody Participates in Signing Friday for Re-released Book

Researcher Recipient of NC State Libraries Faculty Award

Research Investigations Advance Animal Health

Examining Food Safety Risks at Diversified Farms

CVM Radiologist on Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound in Dogs and Cats

Student Recipient of Dr. Jack Walther Leadership Award

Advanced Linear Accelerator Newest Weapon in War on Pet Cancer

Research Discovery Keeps Lung-cancer Cells from Spreading in Mice

Neurology Service Participates in National Canine Epilepsy Study

CVM Researcher Receives Young Investigator Award

DVM and Design Students Collaborate on Project Aimed at Advancing Veterinary Education

Remember Pet Health Basics During Summer Activities

Epidemiology Expert on Spread of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus

Novel Treatment for Canine Atopic Dermatitis Under Study

Dr. Meurs Recipient of Asa Mays Excellence in Canine Health Research Award

Comparative Pain Research Lab Seeks Healthy Dogs for Cardiology Study

Genetic Test Being Develop to Aid Canine Lymphoma Treatment Decisions

Researchers Seeking Treatment for Chronic Canine Allergic Diseases

CVM Student Recipient of Susan M. Roman Scholarship

CVM Student Represents NC State at K-16 STEM Education Conference

Collaborative Research Reveals Similarities Between Human and Canine B-cell Lymphoma

Grant from Canine Foundations Support Golden Retriever Cancer Study

Chancellor's Innovation Fund Supports Veterinary Research

House Finch Disease Helps Researchers Understand Spread of Human Disease

CVM Behaviorist Urges Awareness to Protect Children from Dog Bites

CVM Researcher Recipient of Holladay Medal for Excellence

Researcher Studies Tadpole Digestive Evolution to Advance Human Health

College of Veterinary Medicine Open House Attracts Thousands of Visitors

April 27: College of Veterinary Medicine Open House

Ophthalmology Service Offers Advanced Cataract Procedure

Charlotte's Dream: CVM Scholarship Honors Newtown Child

Sam Jones Receives Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Professorship

NC State University Acquires Mitchell Bush Collection on Zoological Health

Kenneth Adler Reappointed Editor of American Thoracic Society Journal

Christine McGahan Included in NC State University's List of 125 Transformational Women

CVM News, Updates for January 2014

CVM News, Updates for February, March

James Guy Recipient of the Inaugural Charles Beard Research Excellence Award

Collaboration Key to NC State Leadership in Prosthetic Implants

Student Recipient of AASV Scholarship

Dean's Lecture Series Begins with a One Health Focus

Researchers Find Lack of Protein Sp2 Disrupts Neuron Creation in Brain

Counseling Service Available to Assist Veterinary Health Complex Clients

Nanette Nascone-Yoder Named University Faculty Scholar

Exotics Receive Care at Veterinary Health and Wellness Center

CVM Student Recipient of AAEP Foundation Scholarship

Jorge Piedrahita Selected to Head Center for Comparative Medicine and Translational Research

David Bristol Appointed Associate Dean of Enterprise Development

Collaboration Key to NC State Leadership in Prosthetic Implants

CVM Student Recipient of Markel Insurance/AAEP Foundation Scholarship

Researchers Recipient of Grants from AKC-Canine Health Foundation

Matthew Breen Named to Puccini Foundation Board of Directors

CVM Research Finds Antibiotic-Resistant Pathogens Persist in Antibiotic-Free Pigs

CVM Neurobiologist Maps Areas of the Brain Associated with Affective Aggression in Mice

CVM Student Recipient of Top Honor in Veterinary Research Program

Micronutrients in Zoo Medicine Crissey Symposium

IED Detector Dog Project Aims to Save Lives of U.S. Combat Troops--Human and K-9

CVM Student Recognized with NIEHS Poster Honor

CVM Hosts American Association of Equine Practitioners 'Focus on Ophthalmology'

21st Annual Dog Olympics Brings Out Best in Canine Athletes

Welcome Class of 2016

Clinicial Trial Seeks Cats Suffering with Osteoarthritis

CVM Student Researchers Participate in Merial--NIH National Veterinary Scholars Symposium

Unusual Surgery by CVM Team Saves Injured Green Sea Turtle

Dr. Ley Recipient of National Award for Career Excellence in Poultry Research

Winn Feline Foundation Supporting Feline Heart Disease Research

Investigating Antibiotic-Resistant Pathogens in Swine Herds

Nutrition Service Expands Staff, Increases Outreach

Herbert Benjamin Distinguished Professor Named at CVM

Veterinary Health and Wellness Center Offers Exotic Animal Medicine Service

Solving the Cancer Puzzle One Cell at a Time

Uncovering Bartonella, the 'Stealth Pathogen'

Second Successful Cataract Surgery for C'sar the Elephant

One Medicine: Dogs, People, and Cancer

Research Links Some Rheumatologic Symptoms to Bartonella Exposure

Exploring Novel Treatments for Canine Osteosarcoma

Researcher Studies Effectiveness of Canine Pain Medication

Congratulations Class of 2012

CVM Researcher Warns of Increase in Deadly Feline Disease

David Bristol Named American Council on Education Fellow

Sid Thakur to Receive IAFP Young Researcher Award

Dr. Thakur Recipient of Faculty Research Award from NC State Chapter of Sigma Xi

NC State CVM Open House 2012: A Photo Essay

Aquatic Animal Health Key Component of Center for Marine Sciences and Technology

CVM Stem Cell Study Benefits Dogs with Spinal Cord Injuries

Study Shows Feral Pigs Test Positive for Harmful Bacteria

Campus Partnership Program Serves Communities

Veterinary Dermatology: Dealing with Itchy Patients

Animal Owners Urged to Have Emergency Plan for Severe Weather

CVM Performs Allogenic Canine Bone Marrow Transplant

Cyrano Resting at Home After Pioneering CVM Surgery

One Medicine: On the Path to Improved Cancer Prognosis

Students Compete in AASV Competition

Dr. Adler Discusses Respiratory Disease Research at TEDx Program

NC State Veterinary Researchers Test Therapies to Aid Animal Vision

Centennial Biomedical Campus Developing Research Partnerships

Dr. Moeser Recipient of Takeda Travel Award from American Physiological Society

CVM Student Receives AAAP Foundation Scholarship Award

Cyrano Resting After Surgery at NC State University

NC State CVM Pioneers First Feline Total Knee Replacement

Cyrano's Project Team

Comparative Pain Research Lab Seeks Participants for Chronic Pain Study

Research Profile: Dr. Ghashghaei

Down on the Farm at NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine

NC State CVM Pioneers First Feline Total Knee Replacement

CVM student Selected for AASV Board

NC State CVM Only University Offering Autologous Canine Bone Marrow Transplants

CCMTR Begins Collaboration With Institute for Regenerative Medicine

CVM Joins FDA Investigation of Salmonella in dogs, cats

CCMTR Research Reveals Chromosomal 'Breakpoints' Linked to Cancer

CVM Researchers Receive Grants from AKC Canine Health Foundation

CVM Studies Feral Pigs for Evidence of Salmonella

Jane Lewis Seaks Distinguished Professorship

CVM Online Survey Gathers Epilepsy Information

D. Paul Lunn Named CVM Dean

Dr. Thrall Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award

CVM Students Initiate One Health Intellectual Exchange Group

Pioneering Implant Surgery Aids Zeus and Prosthetic Limb Design (video)

Dr. Harms Recipient of Stange Award

CVM Faculty Member Recipient of International Equine Research Award

Woof, Wow: Editorial on Terry Center

CVM Researcher Studies Viruses to Protect Heart from Infections

CVM Turtle Rescue Team to the Rescue

CVM Student Recipient of Veterinary Scholarships

Investigating Ceullular Mechanisms that Lead to Pulmonary Fibrosis

First Lizard Genome Sequenced, Provides Insight into Evolution

CVM Researcher Uses DNA to Help Diagnose Feline Cancers

Welcome Class of 2015

CVM Student Receives AAEP Winner's Circle Scholarship

Dr. Davidson on the Terry Center

Dr. Gookin Recipient of AVMF/ Winn Feline Foundation Research Award

Companion Animal Resources

CCMTR Researchers Identify Genetic Conductor Involved with New Brain Cell Production in Adults

Histopathology: Tracking Disease

Dr. Adler's BioMarck Team Making Progress on Possible Medical Breakthrough

Dr. Cowen on the Global Eradication of Rinderpest--the 'Cattle Plague'

Morris Animal Foundation Supports Feline Cardio Study

CVM Tests Limbspare Implants to Treat Canine Bone Cancer

Class of 2011: New Directions

CVM Nutrition Expert on What to Look for in Pet Food (video)

Morris Animal Foundation Supports CVM Stem Cell Research

Terry Center Dedication Day Photographs

CVM Veterinary Health Complex

Specialists Initiate National Cardiology Care Network

Groundbreaking CVM Dermatology Research Shows Flea/ Tick Product Causes Skin Reaction

Pioneering Implant Surgery Aids Zeus and Prosthetic Limb Design (video)

One Medicine: Lymphoma Cure Could be Found in Canine Genome

Dr. Harms Focused on Health of Aquatic Animals

CCMTR Research Finds Gene Regulating Immune System is Linked to Preeclampsia

Genes, Autoimmune Response May Cause Preeclampsia (video)

CVM Surgeons, Clinicians Save K-9 Officer Maverick (video)

Dr. Saker Interviewed on Pet Nutrition (video)

Welcome to the Terry Center

Terry Center Perspectives (videos)

One Medicine Focus of CCMTR Investigations

CVM Faculty Member Helps Direct Farm Animal Health Company

Student Recipients of AASV Scholarship Awards

CCMTR Research Discovers Compound That May Prohibit Tumor Growth

CVM Ranks Third in Nation for Internship, Residency Match Program

CVM Conducts Canine Heart Murmur Study

Cardiology Service Conducts Feline Study

Treating Equine Colic Without Inhibiting Healing

CVM Research Tracks Troublesome Feline Parasite

CVM Nutrition Expert on What to Look for in Pet Food (video)

CCMTR Research Finds Compound that May Inhibit Tumors

Wolfpack Leadership Conference Focused on Servant Leadership Management Style

Dr. Monteiro-Riviere Recipient of Distinguished Women Scholars Award

Dr. Robbins Recipient of Reed Rumsey Award for Avian Medicine

February is National Pet Dental Health Month

NCVMF President to Receive Watauga Medal for Distinguished Service to NC State

VTH Oncology Service Explores Treatments for Canine Osteosarcoma

The Legacy of Randall B. Terry, Jr.

VTH Specialists Initiate National Cardiology Care Network

Buyer Beware Concerning Online Pet Medications

VTH Dermatology Service Solves Dog's Long-Standing Mystery Skin Ailment

Ensuring Pet Safety, Comfort During Travel (video)

Assignment: Afghanistan--Promoting Healthy Livestock

Journal of Visualized Experiments Profiles CVM Research Technique

Canine Bone Marrow Transplant Provides Hope

Food Animal Scholars Program Addresses Need for Veterinarians

Special Report: Canine Lymphoma

NC State CVM Helps Host One Medicine Symposium

Cat Scratch Fever aka Bartonella

Quantifying Bartonella Risks to Veterinarians

CCMTR Hosts Symposium on Stem Cells, Regenerative Medicine

CVM Researcher's Contributions Recognized by Magrath Award

Potter Candidate for Canine Bone Marrow Transplant

CVM Research Finds Overproduction of Key Protein Leads to Tumor Formation

Cataract Surgery Saves Tula

CCMTR Researchers Enhance Study of Gene Function

Comparative Pain Research Lab Seeking Candidates for Clinical Study on Feline Musculoskeletal Pain

CVM Research May Help in Repairing Injured Gastrointestinal Tracts

NIH Funds CVM Research into Genetic Causes of Intestinal Deformity

USDA Supporting CVM Salmonella Research

Intracellular Pathogens Research Lab Advances Understanding of Bartonella

CVM Clinicians Contribute to Robotic Cathether to Aid Treatment of Heart Conditions

Thinking about Buying a Puppy? Listen to this NCVMA Podcast

Bear of a Patient: Yona Undergoes Arthroscopic Surgery

19th Annual Dog Olympics Draws Appreciative Crowd

Welcome Class of 2014

Angel's Bone Marrow Transplant Story

CVM Graduate 'Exotic DVM of the Year'

National Publications Profile NC State CVM

CVM Research Helps Find Gene Responsible for Neurodegenerative Disease

Predicting Nanoparticle Interactions in Human Bodies

Dr. Slenning interview on infectious disease preparedness (video)

Saving Seymour

Summer Tips for Pets

Sun Hye Kim Leads Graduate Student Research Symposium

Yona the Bear Undergoes CT-scan at VTH

Rising 10th Grader Receives Award to Conduct Research in CVM Lab

CVM Students Study French Swine System

CVM Students Receive Pfizer Animal Health Scholarships

NOAA Requests CVM Experts Participate in Oil Spill Response

CCMTR Participates in 'One Health' Cancer Study

VTH Warns of Tick-Transmitted Disease Danger to Cats

VTH Patient Survives Infectious Disease (video)

Developing Practice Guidelines for Canine Atopic Dermatitis


Flea Bites Linked with Chronic Infections, Possible Birth Defects

Dr. Levine Receives Magrath Award

Gigi Davidson on Pharmacy Council of Experts

A Dean's Perspective on the Founding of the NC State CVM

Comparative_Pain_Research_Laboratory Conducts Feline Osteoarthritis Trial

Dr. Farin President of International Embryo Transfer Society

CVM Student Receives Howard Hughes, NIH scholarship

Equine Colic Discussion by Dr. Blikslager

Incorporating Biological Functionality into Nanomaterials

VTH Conducts Canine Seizure Study

Researchers Trace Development of Gastrointestinal Tract

One of the Family

Researchers Study Gene Critical in Cancer, Animal Development

AVMA Podcast Features Dr. Sherman on Canine Fear Aggression

Morris Animal Foundation Supports CVM Research

CVM Prepares First Responders

Dr. McGahan Named ARVO Gold Fellow

Dr. Ferris Investigates Animal Cruelty for State of North Carolina

CCMTR Researchers Advance Understanding of Nervous System

VTH Saves K-9 Officer Kito

CVM Researchers Study Migration of Nanoparticles

CCMTR Research Studies Nanotubes

Part 1: Preparing Large Animal Veterinarians

Part 2: Serving Rural Clients

Part 3: The Role of the CVM Teaching Animal Unit

18th Annual Dog Olympics

Dr. Atkins Named Seaks Distinguished Professor

CVM Receives AAALAC Commendation, Accreditation

CCMTR-led Research Team Seeking Brain Tumor Gene

AnimalScan Assumes Management of Animal MRI at CVM

Dermatology Service Conducts Clinical Trial

CVM Evaluates New Drug to Treat Canine Epilepsy

Clinical Studies Core Advances VTH Research

Canine Spinal Cord Injury Program Tests New Drug

CVM Featured in One Medicine Symposium

Welcome Class of 2013

A Conversation with Gregg Dean

Animal Behavior Service Conducts Clinical Trials

Seaks Distinguished Professor

Influenza A H1 N1 Update

One Medicine Research Links CCMTR, UNC Cancer Center (video)

Dr. Horowitz on Jimmy V Cancer Training Program

Morris Animal Foundation Supports CVM Research into Injection-site Tumors in Cats

Dr. Horowitz on the Jimmy V--NC State Cancer Therapeutics Training Program

Dr. Hawkins on Vaccinations and Your Dog (video)

NBC-17 Report on Canine Influenza (video)

Researchers Study Imprinted Genes for Clues to Fetal Growth Restriction in Cloned Swine

Dean Arden Appointed AAVMC President

Endangered Sea Turtle Saved

Diabetes Research by Dr. Hess Profiled in Results Newsletter

Dr. Breitschwerdt Interviewed on People's Pharmacy (podcast)

Dr. Harms Examines Celebrity Sea Turtle (video)

Galaxy Diagnostics to Offer Test for Bartonella Based on CVM Patent

Researchers Collaborate in Lymphoma Investigation

CVM Researchers Interviewed for AKC Genome Barks (podcasts)

Comparative Pain Research Lab Studies Potentially Arthritic Cats

Dr. Sherman on Dog Bite Prevention

Medical Pioneer Cassidy Receives Final Prosthetic Limb

Dr. Breen Featured in AKC Canine Health Foundation Podcasts

CVM Opens New Brachytherapy Facility to Treat Equine Cancers

CBS Report on Prosthetic Limb Procedure (video)

Cody's Journey: VTH Canine Bone Marrow Transplant Patient Goes Home

WBTV-Charlotte Profiles VTH Hyperthermia Treatment (video)

CVM has "One Medicine" Focus for Multiple Species

Clyde, VTH Radiology Patient, is a Canine Hero

College Podcast: Pioneering Work in Osseointegrated Implants

VTH Patient Pez Gains Companion National Rescue Award

Climate Change and Global Public Health Focus of One Medicine Symposium

CCMTR Lab Discovers New Bartonella Species that Infects Humans

Nova ScienceNow Reports on CVM Fish Surgery

Making Man's Best Friend Better

Veterinary Practice News Article Spotlights NC State CVM (slide show)

Experts Come to CVM to Discuss Zoo Animal Obesity

WBTV-Charlotte Profiles VTH Hyperthermia Treatment (video)

5 Questions for Ed Breitschwerdt

Tracking a "Stealth" Pathogen

News & Observer Feature on Canine Bone Marrow Transplant Patient

Dr. Monteiro-Riviere Member of Research Team Discovering New Material for Medical Implants

CVM Cancer Research Bridge to Human Medical Centers

CVM First in Nation to Offer Canine Bone Marrow Transplant (video)

Paraplegic Foal Update: Lucky as a Yearling (video)

Dr. Fish on the Laboratory Animal Medicine Unit

Veterinary Practice News Article Spotlights NC State CVM (slide show)

VTH Standards Impress AAHA

Participants Needed for Promising Feline Lymphoma Clinical Trial

Paraplegic Foal Update: Lucky as a Yearling (video)

News & Observer Feature on 17th Annual Dog Olympics

Background on Groundbreaking Orthopedic Surgery

Scientific American Report on Prosthetic Limb Procedure for VTH Patient Cassidy

MSNBC Report on Prosthetic Limb Recipient Mr. Franz

Video of Mr. Franz Prosthetic Limb Surgery

IAMS Sponsors Nutrition Internship

Novartis Aids CVM Research

Dr. Thakur Recipient of USDA Grant

CCMTR Research Leads to Important HIV Finding

Dr. Dunning on Human-Animal Bond

Report on Dr. Olivry's Novel Immunotherapy Research

MSNBC report on VTH patient, pet food nutrition

Dr. Thakur Recipient of USDA Grant

JAVMA Interviews Dr. Linnehan on NASA Mission Specialist Career; CVM Referenced

Dr. Breen Published in Journal of Chromosome Research

CVM Leads National Trial Involving Acute Disc Herniations in Canines

Pioneering CVM Laser Fish Surgery Segment from PBS NOVA Science NOW (video)

Saving a Paraplegic Foal: Lucky's Story (video)

Dr. Arasu Helps Iraqi Veterinarians Rebuild Food Supply System

UPDATE: Lucky at Home (video)

VTH Case Profiled by MSNBC Report

WRAL Report on Pez, a VTH Patient Receiving an Innovative Surgery (video)

Randall Terry's Vision

Dr. Reddy Investigates New Treatment for Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

WRAL Report on Unique VTH Case (video)

Dr. Sherry Developing Vaccines for Animals and Humans

CVM Ranked Among Best in U.S.

WRAL Coverage of Terry Center Groundbreaking (video)

Dr. Piedrahita Studies Imprinted Genes with Duke Physicians

Dr. Monteiro-Riviere's Research Profiled in Nanotechnology Issue of Results Newsletter

CVM Researchers Investigate Convenience Food Pathogen

Dr. Breen Receives Research Award from AKC Canine Health Foundation

WRAL Report on VTH Patient Smithfield, the Painting Potbelly Pig (video)

WOOF! Going for Gold: Dog Olympics Feature (video)

CVM Leads Animal Shelter Study

Dr. Horowitz Investigates Biomarkers Related to Ovarian Cancer

Equine Health Center at Southern Pines is Focus of WRAL Feature (video)

CVM cancer researcher offers leadership in creating canine oncology consortium

Dr. Kennedy-Stoskopf named Outstanding Woman Veterinarian

Veterinary Teaching Hospital focus of Independent feature

Dr. Riviere receives lifetime achievement Institute of Medicine recognition

Photos by Joshua Pung

Open House Photos by Aya