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CVM Faculty Recognized for 'Outstanding' Extension Work

Dr. Craig Harms, Associate Professor of Aquatic, Wildlife, and Zoologic Medicine, and Dr. Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf, Research Professor of wildlife infectious disease, are recipients of North Carolina State University's 2010 Outstanding Extension Service Awards (OESA).

The two--along with 15 other NC State faculty recipients--were recognized at the “Celebrating an Engaged University” awards ceremony at the McKimmon Center.

Drs. Harms and Kennedy-Stoskopf, both faculty members in the CVM Department of Clinical Sciences, were also selected by their peers, from the group of 17 award winners, to be inducted into the Academy of Outstanding Faculty Engaged in Extension (AOFEE).

The AOFEE is the professional equivalent of NC State University’s Outstanding Teaching Award or Outstanding Research Award and is the highest recognition that NC State can bestow on its faculty members for their work in university outreach.

Posted April 19, 2011