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Welcome Class of 2016

Members of the Class of 2016 have completed orientation and the traditional White Coat Ceremony and are beginning the demanding professional program that will in four years will lead to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

The new veterinary students have the distinction of being the first 100-member class in the CVM’s 31-year history. The previous enrollment cap of 80 students per class meant that among the nation’s 28 veterinary colleges, NC State ranked 24th in overall class size and 20th in the number of in-state seats per 100,000 residents even though North Carolina is the 9th most populous state.

By the Numbers

There were 662 applicants for the 100 seats. The class includes 79 women and 21 men and 80 are North Carolina residents. The 20 non-resident students come from 12 different states.

Three of the students have master’s degrees and one is a Fulbright Scholar.

While the most popular undergraduate majors were animal science (37), biology (17), and zoology (15) the class also includes students who majored in art history, French, English, business management, marketing, history, and music.

The 100 students graduated from 40 different universities, including 10 in North Carolina. NC State University is represented with 42 graduates.

Updated August 16, 2012






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