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CVM in the News for January


Troy Ghashghaei, Jon Horowitz, Huixuan Liang, Guanxi Xiao, and Haifeng Yin published a paper, "Neural development is dependent on the function of specificity protein 2 in cell cycle progression," that was noted in numerous online media including Science Daily and CVM News Central blog.

Stacie Boswell, Callie Fogle, Keith Linder, and Christina Copple authored a JAVMA article on the diagnosis and treatment of Clydesdale with¬†worsening skin lesions of nine years’ duration.

Matthew Breen is quoted in an online article on how canine cancer studies advance human oncology research. The article has been syndicated and appears in numerous newspapers around the country including the News and Observer.

James Guy is the first recipient of the Charles Beard Research Excellence Award. He received the award from Charles Beard at the International Production and Processing Expo. Report on the World Poultry web page and CVM News Central blog.

Christopher Mariani is quoted in an article for the Hey, Science blog "Can Animals be Mentally Ill?" 

Gigi Davidson is quoted in a Veterinary Information Network News article on the issue of pharmacies changing a pet's brand of insulin medication,

The CVM is referenced in an online Star News article (Wilmington) concerning North Carolina's rescued "cold-stunned" turtles.

Jeannine Moga and the client counseling service is featured in a NC State Technician article and the CVM News Central blog.

Mo Salman, professor of veterinary epidemiology at Colorado State University's College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, will discuss “One Health, Food Security, and Climate Change: What are the Connections?” from 3 to 4 p.m. March 20 as the initial speaker in the "Dean's Lecture Series." Information posted in the CVM News Central blog.

To help promote the CVM to our numerous constituents, please e-mail me with ideas for media coverage, CVM news releases/ NC State news releases, CVM News Central blog entries, and Twitter posts related to research, clinical trials, Veterinary Health Center updates, outreach activities, program initiatives, upcoming events, as well as faculty, staff, student, and alumni recognition.

Dave Green

Director of Communication