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CVM News, Updates for May


Dr. Nanette Nascone-Yoder's research into the evolution and development of digestive organs in tadpoles was the feature article in the News & Observer weekly Science/ Technology section. The research could lead to better diagnosis and prevention of human intestinal birth defects.

Dr. David Ley was one of the authors of the paper, "Parallel Patterns of Increased Virulence in a Recently Emerged Wildlife Pathogen," that appeared in PLOS Biology and was reported in numerous online publications, including Science Daily. Based on Dr. Ley's study of conjunctivitis in house finches, the research may provide insight into how human disease spread.

Dr. Duncan Lascelles was quoted in an Associated Press article about the use of medical marijuana to relieve pain in pets. The article appeared in numerous national outlets, including ABC News.

Dr. Denis Marcellin-Little is interviewed in Bark Magazine about his pioneering work with prosthetic limbs.

Dr. Matthew Breen is a member of a team receiving a $1.1 million grant from the American Kennel Club-Canine Health Foundation and the Golden Retriever Foundation to improve detection and treatment of certain cancers in Golden Retrievers. Here's the Announcement. Dr. Breen also is quoted about his oncology research with references to the Canine Comparative Oncology Genomics Consortium and the Canine Tumor Tissue Bank in an article for Health Day.

Dr. Mike Loomis, adjunct professor and North Carolina Zoo's head veterinarian, was interviewed about the care for the zoo's pregnant gorilla for an article in the News & Observer.

Several studies were published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association:

>Drs. Jennifer Neel, Carol Grindem, and Paul Hess were among the authors of a study comparing automated and manual neutrophil counts for the detection of cellular abnormalities in dogs receiving chemotherapy.

>Drs. Kate Bailey, Julie Hempstead, Jeremy Tobias, Luke Borst, Alison Clode, Lysa Posner published a study on aquatic use of anesthetic tricaine methanesulfonate and effects on retinal structure of koi carp.

>Drs. Laura Greene, Denis Marcellin-Little, and Duncan Lascelles published a study on the relationship between exercise duration, lameness severity, and hip joint motion in Labrador Retrievers with hip dysplasia.

>Drs. Mark Papich and Gigi Davison, director of clinical pharmacy services, were among the authors of a study to determine the effective concentration of doxycycline compounded from doxycycline hyclate tablets into liquid formulations for oral administration in veterinary species and stored for 28 days.

Student Danielle Lindquist is one of eight in the nation to receive a special scholarship from the American Veterinary Medical Association to help celebrate the AVMA's 150th anniversary. Her entry was a video featuring CVM students discussing why they want to be veterinarians. Danielle will receive the scholarship during the AVMA Annual Meeting in July. Details in a CVM blog post.

Student Bradley Waffa had an editorial, Veterinary Voices in Changing Times , in a issue of Clinicians Brief concerning the need for the veterinarians to become more active in working with federal and state legislators, clients, colleagues, and communities in passing appropriate animal-related legislation.

The Turtle Rescue Team attracted attention and 1,450+ "likes" by fans of the Burt's Bees' Facebook page for an innovative use of holiday gift tins. See:

Dylan Tucker, a nine-year-old blogger who loves animals, wrote about his "amazing trip" to the CVM on his "Crazy for Animals" blog.

Current clinical studies:

> The Comparative Pain Research Laboratory is conducting a clinical trial of a new biological compound that is designed to relieve canine arthritis pain.

> Dr. Kyle Mathews, Sarah Wall, and Anna Charlton are conducting a clinical study of the attachment of the spine and pelvis in AKC-registered German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers.