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CVM News, Updates for June, July

Dr. Steven Suter is the senior study author of a paper published in online journal Cancer Research that is one of the first large-scale comparisons showing human and canine B-cell lymphomas share molecular similarities. The collaboration involved scientists from UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center and Duke Medical. Other NC State authors are Alison Motsinger-Reif, Hsiao-wei Chin, Dahlia Nielsen, Rachael Thomas, Chris Smith, Matthew Breen, and Luke Borst. Reports appeared in numerous online media including the Science Daily.

Drs. Matthew Breen, Thierry Olivry, and Bruce Hammerberg are recipients of the Chancellor's Innovation Fund. Dr. Breen's grant supports development of a genetic test that will predict how long a dog diagnosed with lymphoma and treated with chemotherapy will maintain a good quality of life. The CIF will support Drs. Olivry and Hammerberg in their efforts to find a new therapy that they hope will resolve chronic allergic diseases in dogs without the often unacceptable side effects of current anti-inflammatory drugs.

Dr. Adam Moeser is the recipient of a two National Institutes of Health grants. The first is a five-year, $1.57 million grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Development to study mechanisms of stress-induced GI disease susceptibility. Co-investigator is Dr. Anthony Blikslager. Dr. Moeser received a second grant for $151,500 from the National Institute of Digestive Disorder and Kidney Disease to study how enteric neurons modulate the sensitivity of intestinal mast cells to stress neuropeptides. (NC State release being prepared.)

Drs. Megan Jacob and Eleanor Hawkins were interviewed as expert sources on Aspergillus felis for the feature, "The 'Runny Nose' That isn't 'Just a Cold'", in Best in Show Daily.

Dr. Mark Papich is one of the authors of a JAVMA article, "Stability of three commonly compounded extemporaneous enrofloxacin suspensions for oral administration to exotic animals."

Dr. Clarke Atkins will co-chair American Heartworm Society's Triennial Heartworm Symposium Sept. 8-10 in New Orleans.

Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt did a live on-air interview on "Ticks, Fleas & Mystery Disease" (Bartonella) with the National Public Radio program People's Pharmacy. Listen to audio. The Public Broadcasting System program "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind" will feature the work of Dr. Breitschwerdt's lab in segment entitled, "Human and Animal Health: Protecting Our Pets, Protecting Ourselves" that is scheduled to air in November.

Dr. Barrett Slenning was interviewed by WPTF radio concerning the spread of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) and its outbreak in North Carolina. Podcast link in CVM blog post.

Dr. Bernie Hansen was interviewed by WPTF radio concerning the Comparative Pain Research Laboratory canine cardiology study. Podcast link in CVM blog post.

Dr. David Ley is one of the authors of the paper, "Multiple host transfers, but only one successful lineage in a continent-spanning emergent pathogen," that appears in the Proceedings of the Royal Society.

Graduate Dr. Christine Frenzei operates a mobile veterinary clinic and was profiled by in a feature published by the Caswell Messenger.

CVM students and graduate students from the NC State College of Design collaborated on an experiential education project that outlined the feasibility of a Zoological Teaching Unit. CVM blog post.

The Veterinary Health Complex has added an intermittent hemodialysis unit to the list of specialty medical capabilities available to referring veterinarians and to owners whose animals are experiencing related emergencies. The unit is one of six on the East Coast.

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