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CVM News, Updates for September

duncan lascelles

Dr. Duncan Lascelles is referenced in News & Observer article on federal research funding.

Professor of Surgery and Pain Management at the N.C. State College of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Duncan Lascelles, on Thursday, October 10, 2013, has had his funding suspended on a new research project. The U.S. government has suspended the $500,000 (over 2 years) to the NC State’s Comparative Pain Research Laboratory in Raleigh, N.C. due to the partial government shutdown in its second week. Lascelles is an expert in orthopedic surgery, joint replacement and the measurement of limb function and pain says that this work, if it can go ahead, will have direct beneficial effects for the health of both dogs and humans. N&O photo by COREY LOWENSTEIN —

Dr. Sid Thakur is a recipient of a two-year, $274,696 grant from the Center for Produce Safety to study “Food Safety Risks at the Fresh Produce-Animal Interface: Identifying Pathogen Sources and Their Movement on Diversified Farms.” Eduardo Gutierrez is a co-investigator. Dr. Thakur also participated in the Raleigh Food Dialogue on Sept. 19.

Dr. James Guy, first recipient of the USPOULTRY's Dr. Charles Beard Research Excellence Award, is quoted in Poultry Times article about the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association celebrating 50 years of research achievement for the poultry and egg industry.

Dr. Takumu Niino is quoted in The Poultry Site article concerning the study "Morphometric and Functional Analysis for Assessing Poult Intestinal Health."

Drs. Jody Gookin and Keith Montgomery are recipients of grants from the AKC Canine Health Foundation for hepathic disease research ("Profiling the Metabolic and Lipid Imbalances that are Causative of Gallbladder Disease in Dogs") and ophthalmology research ("Identification of the Genetic Cause of Corneal Ulcers") respectively.

Dr. Barbara Sherman was quoted in an National Geographic Daily News article concerning the controversy related to declawing cats for behavioral problems.

Dr. Ken Adler's research relating to the discovery of a small protein molecule that stops lung-cancer cells from spreading in mice was reported as the item "Cancer's Red Light?" in the AVMA Health News Bytes.

Dr. Karen Manuna was interviewed on WNCN's "My Carolina Today" about the national canine epilepsy study the Neurology Service is conducting. (The video may be found on the WNCN site as "Help for Dogs with Seizures" by clicking on #7. This position may change).

Drs. Alison Clode and Julie Hempstead are referenced in a video produced by Paws Ranch Equine Rescue concerning Rollo, a blind Rocky Mountain horse.

PawNation has a story involving a Terry Center patient that shows the value an appropriate history has in diagnosing a challenging case.

CVM graduate Dr. Matthew Turner is the focus of a "Veterinarians on Call" video on swine health and food safety produced by Zoetis.

CVM graduate Dr. Gregory Scott, a intern in aquatic animal medicine at Sea World, is interviewed by the San Diego CBS affiliate about a rare Guadalupe Fur Seal he is helping to rehabilitate.

Student Patrick Benson is the recipient of the Bovine Veterinary Student Recognition Award from the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP). The recognition involves a $5,000 scholarship.

Student Jessica Briley is the recipient of the inaugural Phi Zeta Challenge Award presented by the CVM Psi Chapter of Phi Zeta. Jessica will use the $1,500 award to help support her participation in the University of Tennessee certificate program in canine physical rehabilitation.

DVM students in CVM Speaker's Bureau talked to students at Briarcliff Elementary School about horses and horse anatomy through a Wake Education Partnership program. Wake County Schools posted the video.

The WRAL video report on the 22nd Annual Dog Olympics appears on the national CBS News web site.

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