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CVM Upper and Lower Floor Tour Stops


Map of CVM Upper and Lower Floor Tour Stops

Lower Floor:

1. Green Commons: "All About One Health" featuring NC Museum of Natural Sciences, toxicology, pathology, and a live mussel exhibit. Learn how human and veterinary medicine complement one another. Pick up your ONE HEALTH Challenge sheet to earn a certificate.

2. Library: Come play animal-theme board games or view animal anatomy programs, and other displays in the Library reading room.

3. Main Hallway: Visit with members of student organizations focused on international, business, diversity, and volunteer opportunities in veterinary medicine.

4. South Theater:

5. Blue Commons: Learn about the DVM admission process, the importance of diversity in veterinary medicine and at NC State CVM, and about animal reproduction from the Therio Club.

6. Outside Corral: Mare and foal with physical exams demonstrations by members of the Equine club every 30 minutes.

7. Milking Parlor: See the source of your milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. A DVM student will milk one of the CVM's dairy cows at 11 and 1.

8. Outside North Theater: "Be a Vet" photo booth, Morris Animal Foundation.

9. North Theater: Live Surgical Demonstrations broadcast from the surgical viewing theater at 10 and 12. Video from Rehabilitation Services with Stretch the Cat at 11 & 1.

10/11. Cafeteria: Hand washing stations, dining area, visit food trucks for lunch and NC State's Howling Cow ice cream for desert.

12. Anatomy Laboratory: Meet first year vet students (Class of 2018) and check out awesome animal skeletons. Learn what the first year of veterinary school is like.

13. Microscope Laboratory: The Surgery Club hosts a Teddy Bear Clinic where a future veterinarian can stitch up your teddy bear’s wounds.

Upper Floor:

14. Firestone 'Hall of Discovery': A) Learn about “A Mission for Molly” and Canine Epilepsy Research, B) Understand animal mobility and pain from faculty with the Comparative Pain Research Lab, C) Discover how to decipher a pet food label from clinicians with the Nutrition Service. D) Participate in a “mini” trial with the Clinical Studies Core. E) Explore veterinary professional careers with the North Carolina Veterinary Technician Association. F) View “Hard at Work” exhibits that teach key skills in veterinary medicine.

15. Surgery in Progress: Watch LIVE surgery demonstration through operating theater window or by video feed in North Theater (9).

16. Room D236: Learn about the Exotic Animal Medicine Service and get up close to native wildlife such as turtles, snakes, and lizards. You’ll also learn about our own wolf pack.

17. Gait Laboratory: Take a peak into the Animal Gait Analysis Laboratory. See the exhibit in the Firestone Hall of Discovery (14).

18. Conference Room (right): Learn about pet nutrition with the Nutrition Club and representatives from Purina, Hills, and Royal Canin.

19. Conference Room (left): Meet members of the Lab Animal Club and mice, rats, and rabbits.

20. Large Hallway: Learn about Rehabilitation, Canine Blood Bank, and Behavioral Services.

21. Kittens! Come watch the kittens play and talk with members of the 4H Club and Oxbow.

22. AnimalScan: See one of the few animal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) units in the country.

23. Radiology Room: Learn what our Equine and Farm Animal Veterinary Center offers patients.

24. Breezeway: Learn how the CVM helps veterinarians care for North Carolina’s poultry, swine, cattle, sheep, and goats and get up close with some of our own farm animals. Purchase tickets to Milk a Cow (27).

25. Outside (back): Fistulated Steer demonstrations at 10:30, 1:30, and 2:30.

26. Outside (front): Buy a CVM T-Shirt or or get a Glitter tatoo. Fee involved. Proceeds to CVM student organization.

27. Outside (front): Milk a cow with the help of Bovine Club students. Fee involved. Proceeds to CVM student organization. Purchase tickets at 24.

28/ 29. Outside (front): Large Animal Demonstrations throughout the day. See Demonstrations for times.

30. Outside (front): Walk through the Mobile Surgery Unit that travels to disasters and emergencies throughout North Carolina in support of animal health and well-being and the Companion Animal Mobile Equipment Trailer (CAMET) that travels to natural disasters and emergencies throughout North Carolina to assist animals and animal owners.

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