CVM Lower tour

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CVM Lower Floor Tour Stops:

1--Green Commons: "It's All About One Health" focus featuring toxicology, pathology, a display by the national One Health Commission, and a live mussel exhibit. Learn how human and veterinary medicine complement one another and pick up your scavenger hunt card!!

2--Library: Come play animal-theme board games, view animal anatomy programs, and view other displays.

3--Main Hallway: Visit with members of student organizations focused on international, business, diversity in veterinary medicine.

4--South Theater: Noon--Special presentation "What a Dog Knows" by Cat Warren--author, trainer, and NC State University associate professor--about her search dog Solo and the science and wonder of working dogs.

The Pet Health Zone. Discussions of interest to all current and future pet owners

5--Blue Commons: Learn about the DVM admission process, animal reproduction, and talk with veterinary technicians and undergraduate animal science students.

6--Outside Corral: Mare and foal on view with physical exam demonstrations by the Equine Club every 30 minutes.

7--Milking Parlor: See the source of your milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. A DVM student will milk one of the CVM's dairy cows at 11 and 1

8--North Theater: Live Surgical Demonstrations broadcast from the surgical viewing theater at 9, 11, and 1; talks concerning admission to veterinary program at 10:15, 12:15.

9--Cafeteria: Concessions provided by Backyard Bistro.

10--Anatomy Lab: Meet first year vet students and check out awesome animal skeletons.

11--Microscope Lab: Class of 2016 presents “Parade of Parasites” and the Surgery Club hosts a Teddy Bear Clinic where a future veterinarian can stitch up your teddy bear’s wounds.

12--Upper walkway: Watch the LIVE surgery through operating theater window. (Surgery is also broadcast to South Theater).

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