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Research Building Tour Stops


Map of Research Building


"Building Bionic Dogs" with Dr. Denis Marcellin-Little

"Growing Hearts and Bones in a Dish" with Drs. Ke Chang and Jorge Piedrahita

"Yard Monsters: Invisible Parasites" with Dr. Sid Thakur

"Immunology Interactive Exhibit" with Dr. Shila Nordone

"Infectious Disease and Vector Borne Disease Laboratory" with Julie Bradley, RVT

"Forensics: Animal CSI" with Drs. Seth Faith and Matthew Breen

"It Takes Guts" with Drs. Naanette Nascone, Jeffrey Yoder, and Melissa Pickett

"Fun with Microbes" with Dr. Fred Fuller

Also: See Firestone "Hall of Discovery" in main CVM Building


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