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Terry Center Tour Stops:

Map of Terry Center Tour Stops


1. Cardiology is dedicated to improving the lives of pets with heart disease. The NC State Cardiology Service provides comprehensive and state-of-the science based care for heart disease from its earliest detection to its most advanced stages.

2. Neurology offers advanced diagnosis and treatment of neurological and neurosurgical conditions in dogs and cats. The NC State Neurology Service is an international leader in neurogenetics and at the forefront of new therapy development for epilepsy and spinal cord injury.

3. Internal Medicine specialists diagnose and treat serious internal health problems of dogs and cats, such as diabetes, asthma, and kidney disease. The service offers state-of-the science endoscopy for the diagnosis of the gastrointestinal, urinary, and respiratory tract and the problem solving expertise needed to diagnose and treat complex medical problems in companion animals.

4a. Emergency/Critical Care, comprised of the Intensive Care Unit and the Small Animal Emergency & Triage Service, provides diagnostic and treatment expertise, including hemodialysis, assisted ventilation, oxygen support, and transfusion medicine and is the recipient of a perfect score by the American Animal Hospital Association. Specialists are available to assist your veterinarian with emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

4b--Anesthesia, comprised of four faculty anesthesiologists, three residents, nine anesthesia technicians, and an assistant who provide anesthesia care to approximately 3,500 large and small animal patients a year, 24 hours a day. 

5. 64-Slice Computed Tomography (CT) Unit creates high-resolution, three-dimensional images of any part of the body. It is used to evaluate all regions of the body, most commonly the skull, thorax and abdomen. It is commonly used to evaluate developmental anomalies, patients with traumatic injuries and to assess patients with cancer.

6. Radiology provides advanced diagnostic imaging technology with digital radiography, the 64-slice CT Unit (5), three ultrasound stations, and a biplane fluoroscopy unit. The biplane fluoroscopy unit provides real-time x-ray visualization of complex structures, such as congenital heart defects. Cardiac defects and other vascular disorders can often be corrected without the need for complex surgery. The correction of cardiovascular and other such problems using real-time x rays is known as Interventional Radiology.

7. Small Animal Surgery has 10 surgery suites and advanced diagnostic imaging capabilities to provide enhanced evaluation and care before, during, and after orthopedic, soft tissue, or oncologic (cancer) surgery. The Orthopaedic Service accepts referrals for all issues related to the bones, joints, ligaments and tendons in dogs and cats. The expertise of the Soft Tissue & Oncologic Surgery Service covers a range of systems, including head and neck, cardiac and respiratory, liver, kidney, bowel, and skin. Where possible, minimally invasive surgery either via scopes or guided by imaging is utilized.

8. Oncology provides state-of-the science diagnostics, staging, and treatment for pets with cancer. Treatment options may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.

9. Ophthalmology is dedicated to the care of ocular (eye) conditions involving all species of animals.

10. Dermatology provides diagnostic and treatment expertise for dogs and cats with diseases of the skin and ear. The dermatology research laboratory offers immunological tests not available in other North American veterinary colleges.

11. Pharmacy obtains and prepares all the medications used to treat animals at the CVM. We make sure that all of the ingredients in drugs manufactured for humans are safe for pets, and we also compound (make from scratch) any medications that are not available commercially. Our pharmacists have undergone additional specialty training to learn to provide pharmaceutical care for animals as well as human patients.

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