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Centennial Biomedical Campus


Anchored by the College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University's Centennial Biomedical Campus (CBC) is an extension of the original NC State Centennial Campus concept. The CBC--home to the Randall B. Terry, Jr. Companion Animal Veterinary Medical Center, more than 60 corporate and government partners, and 73 academic units--emphasizes collaborations between the partners and NC State resulting in increased education and research opportunities for NC State faculty and students

The Centennial Biomedical Campus will follow the same model, emphasizing partnerships and working to bring academia, government and industry together. The focus of this campus is on biomedical applications, both to animals and humans. This is an ideal location for companies interested in partnering with NC State University to further their research and product development in the biomedical area. The Centennial Biomedical Campus will provide opportunities for industry and government researchers, entrepreneurs, clinical trial companies, as well as collaborations with other universities to work side by side with faculty and students at the College of Veterinary Medicine. These partnerships will lead to greater utilization of our animal care, testing, and high-tech imaging facilities as well as accelerating the pace of technology transfer.

NC State University is a national leader in genomic sciences and in the development of nanotechnologies, biosensors, and imaging modalities. These new developments need to be applied to animal systems. The Centennial Biomedical Campus will foster such applications through collaborations amongst the College's of Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture and Life Sciences, Engineering, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Natural Resources and Textiles.

Master Plan

Master Plan


Organizations that locate on Centennial Biomedical Campus will be afforded University Affiliate status. This allows employees to enjoy benefits such as access to the NC State library, gym and Wolfline bus system, in addition to numerous other benefits. Please see the Affiliates Privileges list in the Centennial Campus materials for more information.


Conventiently located on the corner of Blue Ridge Road and Hillsborough St., Centennial Biomedical Campus offers easy access to major highways, RDU airport, hotel complex, Rex Hospital, NC State's main campus and Centennial Campus.

Building Options

Building sites available for lease. As the campus develops, multi-tenant buildings will likely become available for those interested in leasing space. Developers and companies interested in learning more about building and location options should contact the Centennial Campus Development Office at 919.515.7036 or