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Veterinary Medicine Academic Departments

The NC State College of Veterinary Medicine is committed to providing superior education in veterinary medicine and related fields, to offering excellent services to the general public and the veterinary medical community, and to maintaining high-quality research programs in basic and applied fields.  The CVM comprises three academic departments (Clinical Sciences (CS); Population Health and Pathobiology (PHP); and Molecular Biomedical Sciences (MBS)). The CVM offers the professional Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.  Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree programs are also available to persons possessing the D.V.M. degree and to those with a baccalaureate degree and comprehensive training in the biological sciences.  Graduate training in each CVM academic department is designed to prepare students for careers in academia, industry, and government. Opportunities are also available for those who wish to prepare for veterinary specialty boards through our internship and residency programs.