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The JEOL JSM-6360LV scanning electron microscope was installed in 2003. It is a fully digital instrument that can view specimens by secondary electron imaging (SEI), backscatter electron imaging (BEI), at high vacuum, or at low vacuum. The low vacuum mode, using the backscatter electron detector, allows viewing of certain specimens that have not been fixed, critical-point-dried, or sputter coated. A cryostub allows a specimen snap-frozen in liquid nitrogen to be viewed, allowing the sample to be viewed in its native state. The digital images produced by this instrument are easily assembled into plates and have detailed information files containing all operational parameters associated with the image files. Some of the different sample types recorded by this instument are shown below:

Canine Erythrocytes fixed with 4F:1G fixative, attached to a poly-l-lysine coated coverslip, and then critical-point-dried and sputter coated before being viewed with the SEM.

Guinea Pig Tracheal Epithelium showing ciliated epithelial cells surrounded by non-ciliated epithelial cells.

Rat Glomerular Cast Freshly fixed rat kidney was perfused with Mercox resin (a proprietary formula of acrylic resin). After the resin polymerized, the entire kidney was placed into sodium hypochlorite (household bleach) until all fo the tissue was digested. The picture is a negative view of the capillaries of the glomerulus that were filled with the resin. Image colorized in Adobe PhotoShop.

Anaglyph (red/green stereo image created in Adobe PhotoShop) of an ant.