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Shared Resources

Well equipped research laboratories, shared equipment areas, conference rooms, faculty offices, and administrative support space are found throughout the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) campus. The traditional academic research laboratory is intended to accommodate a single or small group of researcher's needs for conducting specific research projects. This type of lab is usually staffed and equipped largely by the individual principal investigator(s).

In order to more efficiently use CVM facilities and equipment, a concept of shared resource laboratories was established to further support faculty research.¬† The CVM’s shared resource laboratories provide specific targeted research support and essential services to all faculty. These resource labs contain instrumentation used by multiple research investigators and provide opportunities for basic and clinical faculty to work cooperatively through multidisciplinary research initiatives.

The CVM offers centralized core resources and services for investigators to achieve their research goals.  Specific research core facilities in the CVM include the following:

In addition, CVM faculty also have access to the AnimalScan Center (formerly IAMS Pet Imaging), the region's first magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) facility dedicated solely for use on pets and domestic animals.